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Double board-certified Dallas, TX plastic surgeon, Dr. Steven J. White MD, is dedicated to providing patients with an unforgettable plastic surgery experience. Consistently listed as a “Top Doc” and touted among the best plastic surgeons in the Dallas area, Dr. White believes there are no shortcuts to experience, training and knowledge. His patients, who travel far and wide to have plastic surgery under his hands, agree. We are happy to share their experiences and patient stories with you here so that you can gain additional insight and get to know Dr. White a little better. We hope you find these patient testimonials helpful as you make this very important decision.

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Review from C.B.  |  Source: Google  |  Dec 12, 2018

For years I had struggled with getting rid of my belly and constantly felt defeated. I am 30 years old and for the most part am very active. I worked out six days a week and tried ever diet out there .I still could not get the results I wanted. I finally decided in May of this year to make a consultation .I choose Dr. White because he performed liposuction and breast augmentation on my mother 15 years ago and did an amazing job. Therefor I went in met with Dr.White and literally 2 hours later scheduled my operation for liposuction of the stomach and arms for six months later. I walked out of his office feeling so ensured and excited for what was to come. I am not going to lie I was very skeptical for 2 reasons. One I had never had surgery and the second did not know what to expect. Nevertheless surgery day came and I could not have felt more excited. From the hospital staff to Dr. White I had never felt more comfortable and assured. Dr.White literally walks you through ever step and takes such pride in his work. The surgery went amazing there was literally no pain at all and 3 weeks out of my surgery I was in a bodysuit for Halloween. It’s been two months since my surgery and I cannot explain how happy I am with my results. My friends ask me if I would do it again and the answer is YES!!!!!! More

Review from S.M.  |  Source: Google  |  Dec 18, 2017

I’ve been dealing with gynecomastia my whole life. It runs in the family, but I’ve done everything humanly possible through diet and exercise to get rid of it. I completed a lot of research online to see what can be done to get rid of it, and it seems liposuction of the chest is the only way. Exercise can help some, but it doesn’t solve the problem. My research showed me that I could have had it done for $2500-$15,000, but it is your body and you get what you pay for. Anything short of perfection is unacceptable. Dr. White’s approach to the surgery is different, and he cares tremendously about his patient’s outcome. Dr. White and his staff change lives on a daily basis. They have just recently changed mine and I will be forever grateful. During the consultation and pre-op, he takes the time to show you the results from previous patients, explain the procedure from beginning to end, and actually cares about you and your outcome. If you’re considering cosmetic surgery; you cannot go wrong with Dr. White! More

Review from C.C.  |  Source: Google  |  Jun 24, 2017

I don't know what to say other than Dr. White changed my life. Before my liposuction procedure, I lived my life in constant awareness of my body. There was never a morning that I got dressed and didn't stand in front of the mirror hating what I saw, and there was never a time when I walked into a meeting and my mind wasn't flooded with thoughts of how others were probably viewing me and my body. The amount of insecurity and self-consciousness I carried around with me was debilitating and prevented me from truly living my life. Getting this procedure made me feel like a new person - both physically and mentally. My body looks really amazing!! I finally feel mentally free from all my insecurity and I love that I can go shopping and actually fit into clothes the way I've always wanted to! Dr. White was so amazing every step of the way. He never made me feel self-conscious about my body and was with me during every part of the process through my initial consultation, during my stay at the hospital for recovery, and even now - months after my procedure for check ups. I initially chose Dr. White as my surgeon because of his incredible reputation. However, after actually experiencing the amount of care and attention he gave, I wouldn't have chosen to trust my body with anyone else. Ever. Dr. White - thank you from the bottom of my heart. There are no words to express how grateful I am. You truly did change my life. More

Review from C.L.  |  Source: Google  |  Mar 18, 2017

After having my tummy tuck done by Dr. White in September 2016 I was excited about my results but there was some other areas that needed some shape to bring out the curves of my body to get it ready for bathing suit season. I had Such a wonderful experience with Dr. White and his office staff that there was never a question that he would be the one to complete the master piece he started. Dr. White always makes sure you are knowledgeable about you procedure and always preps your body to under go surgery. He believes in paying attention to detail and everyone's body is different so he specializes your treatment to you and your body. He truly cares about you and your results he takes the time to get to know you. You are not just another number. I will tell you this Dr. White is not going to be the cheapest by any means but you know the old saying you get what you pay for it is true. I will gladly pay double in order to get Dr. White because I know #1 I am safe and #2 my results are going to be Amazing. Dr. Whites #1 Fan Christie S Luhring More

Review from H.K.  |  Source: Google  |  Mar 03, 2017

My sister recently had a procedure that I helped her recover from. I am beyond ecstatic for her. She was very unhappy with her arms for a long time and after seeing pictures and multiple conversations with Dr. White she decided to have liposuction done. She looks great. She was in very little pain and even returned to work shortly after. After seeing her results after only a few weeks I can tell a major difference. I am so happy with her outcome that I am thinking this may be a procedure I would like to have done at some point. More

Review from L.P.  |  Source: Google  |  Jun 08, 2016

Dr. White Best plastic surgeon in the world and is the only plastic surgeon I trust; he is a perfectionist. Both him and his staff are amazing. Tummy Tuck, Lip fillers, arm liposuction, breast implant removal, breast lift and reduction Tummy Tuck I am 33 years old and when I was in high school weighed 320+ pounds, it took many years to lose a little over 100 pounds which led to a huge insecurity of mine (flabby skin all over my body) When I was 23 in college I went to a plastic surgeon who said he could do my breast lift and implants in one surgery and the price was good, that was a big mistake (you get what you pay for). The outcome was not what I expected at all which didn?t help my insecurities. When I was 27 I decided it was time to get my botched boobs fixed. I did a lot research on the web, and set up over 10 consultants with plastic surgeons. The second I walked into Dr. White?s office I felt comfortable the staff was very helpful and had an immediate connection with everyone. Dr. White suggested I should have a tummy tuck first (my stomach had so much hanging skin I could pitch it and it would stay in place). I took his advice and we booked my surgery (This was the best decision I made and it was a positive start into my journey to come) I never saw my belly button before, never wore a bikini or crop top. Surgery went better than I ever expected, the best part is Dr. White personally came to check up on me and personally helped me get up and walk. When Dr. White took my bandages off for the first time to see my stomach I cried, I couldn?t believe I had a flat stomach and a belly button (the scar is so fine and low no one even notices it) Dr. White made me look better than I imagined, I wore bikini?s all summer with crop tops! Breast Implant Removal and breast lift/reduction- 2 different surgeries After a few years I was ready to come back and get everything fixed. It was time to get my botched boobs fixed. We had one surgery to get the implants removed. As ironic as this sounds my boobs already looked a lot better after Dr. White did the breast implant removal. With the other doctor I had lost some sensation in my nipples. After the breast implant removal, I started getting that sensation back I couldn?t believe it. The breast lift and reduction was a tricky one but like I said I trust Dr. White with my life. Since this would be my second breast lift there were some scares regarding my nipple and the blood circulation. The best part about Dr. White is he is a perfectionist so the surgery took longer but the outcome was amazing! Again better than I expected it to be. The shape is perfect the scar is so small you can barely see it. I was speechless on how perfect they look. Arm Liposuction Due to the amount of weight loss I had a lot of saggy skin. I hated button up shirt or jacket it was always so hard to find some that fit right. Everything was always tight on my arms. Also summers I wanted to wear sleeveless dresses and shirts but my arm made my entire body look so much bigger. Again Dr. White took out more than I thought. My arms have never looked so good in my entire life. I wore a sleeveless dress out for the first time! Even when my mom saw a picture of me with a sleeveless dress she didn?t recognize me. It has helped my convinced so much and I cannot thank Dr. White and his team enough for every they have done for me. Lip Fillers I always had small lips it was like a line for the top lip and a line for the bottom. I didn?t want to go too extreme I wanted the beautiful nature look- I didn?t want where your lips pout out. Dr. White did the fillers perfectly. I have my natural lip shape it came out perfectly! I still have a 360 liposuction planned and a breast augmentation. #bodybydrwhite More

Review from S.D.  |  Source: Google  |  Jun 09, 2016

I have been a RN for 24 years and I am very particular about who I choose to operate on me. Once I had decided to have my abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), I drew up my own question sheet and researched multiple cosmetic surgeons. I was flying home and while perusing the American Way magazine, I saw Dr. White?s information as the best plastic surgeon?, so I had to call to find out more information. My first phone call lasted approximately 10-20 minutes with Penny and she pretty much explained the entire procedure. She answered questions that I had and provided information that I had not even thought about. She also explained Dr. White?s philosophies regarding the procedure, pre- op care, and post- op care. When I got off the phone, I was 98% sure that I was going with Dr. White. I scheduled my consultation within the same week. My consult with Dr White was very informative and long (approx 2 hours). Upon leaving my consult, I was 100% sure that I had found my cosmetic surgeon. I had 2 previous liposuction procedures that I was not content with and I wanted a better look to my abdomen. I knew that I wanted to have my tummy tuck, so my biggest obstacle was making sure that I was choosing the right person for the best outcome. Dr. White showed me multiple pictures of his work and they all looked great. I loved his philosophy of thinking of all things that could go wrong and doing the things necessary to prevent them. Dr White performed my tummy tuck approx 4 months ago and I am feeling fabulous. I was inpatient for a couple of nights and my care was great. Through the whole post op process, I experience minimal pain. I had on pain pill through the whole process and I had no complications because Dr. White had a pre-op and post-op routine in place and it works. My results are awesome. I love the flat tummy! I can now wear clothes that accent my waist and not worry about the rolls around my middle. I had such a great experience with Dr. White, that I consider him to be my personal plastic surgeon. I plan on going back for another step to my mommy makeover and I would not consider anyone else. I highly recommend Dr. White for any cosmetic procedures. Dr. White and the ladies in his office are AWESOME!!! They are very knowledgeable and very helpful. I would not go to anyone else for my cosmetic procedures. More

Review from S.H.  |  Source: Google  |  Apr 06, 2015

Dr. White is a perfectionist in every way! Here's why he should be the ONLY plastic surgeon you should ever see... He makes you feel comfortable and at ease in every phase of care. He will answer questions and explain his methods of precision surgery. He sees every patient as an individual and will sculpt your body and transform it into the best version of you. I've had a tummy tuck and liposuction procedures with Dr. White and my results are better than I could've imagined. With these procedures, he transformed my entire torso and thighs and they look better now than in my twenties. Fun fact: I had over twenty pairs of jeans in my closet and now I can only wear three of them. Those three pairs were way in the back that I never thought I'd get back into. Let's just say I've enjoyed shopping for new things, including bikinis! Most importantly, he does all of this with a smile and a big hug! He is genuinely as excited about your results as you are. More

Review from T.S.  |  Source: Google  |  Mar 23, 2015

Don?t waste your time. You know what you need to do. Fatty breasts on a man won?t generally resolve without surgical help. Take it from me. I tried. I tried drugs, natural remedies, fat loss creams, weight loss overall, and even Cool Sculpting. None of those will work well on gynecomastia especially if it is longstanding. However, there is good news. I know you are dreading the thought of surgery probably but Dr. Steven White is Michelangelo with a liposuction cannula and scalpel. He knows how to resolve this problem amazingly well with virtually invisible (yes, almost imperceptible) scarring and no loss of sensation in the nipple or elsewhere. I had almost no bruising and healing/down time was very easy/minimal. The foregoing items were my biggest obstacles to getting the surgery done. The result from his proprietary liposuction technique is phenomenal. It is one of the best things I have done for my self-image. I would have gotten this surgery done years ago in my 20s when the issue first started bothering me. But then, Dr. White would not have had his technique perfected as he does today. I have never met a more passionate and perfectionistic doctor. I am so delighted that I found Dr. White and his wonderful team. I searched the Web and visited three other doctors in Denver and Houston who were supposed to be the best in the field. They are not. Dr. White and his team are the best I found. They guided me so well through the whole process from start to finish. The data More

Review from J.B.  |  Source: Google  |  Dec 30, 2014

I have had many procedures with Dr. White. NO OTHER SURGEON WILL EVER TOUCH ME. I currently underwent a brow lift w/ lower blepharoplasty (lower eyelids). After a photo shoot I noticed my eyes looked "hidden," if you will. After the brow/blephs, my eyes literally pop! I feel better & cannot wait for another photo shoot so I may highlight my face! It wasn't painful and I was back in the public in about a week. The minimal bruising I had, I was able to cover with make up if I needed to. As always, I will continue to send friends, clients and strangers to Dr. White. Jazmin is a wealth of information. If you have questions, she is your gal! Actually my mother saw me two weeks after the surgery & she kept looking at me, but couldn't figure out what was different. That is what I was going for - subtle. Friends and family tell me I look more awake and happy. More importantly than that, I feel more awake & happy! The bags under my eyes were starting to bother me but now they have packed up & moved on! Whatever you do, do not hesitate to see Dr. White. He will not compromise your health or physical appearance just to get you to operate. If there is a reason NOT to operate, he will find it! Your overall well-being is his highest priority. He is very caring, open & honest. He has the best bedside manner of any physician you will ever meet. The office has my permission to tell about my surgeries, experiences, etc. Should you need someone to speak with, patient-wise, about this surgery, the tummy tuck, liposuction or breast augmentation, let the gals know & they will connect us! More

Review from R.M.  |  Source: Google  |  Jan 30, 2014

I'm a 51 year old male that would never take off my shirt, my own kids never seen me with out a shirt on. So my wife had Dr. White to do a breast lift for her a few months before. She was very pleased with the results. I asked him to look to see if he could help remove my love handles and man boobs. It was hard for me to take my shirt off for him. So in Sept. 2012 I had Dr. White to do liposuction on my upper torso, he removed 18 lbs from around my waist and chest area. To get to the point I always had good muscle underneath the fat. I worked out for years and never could get rid of the love handle. It took one day for Dr. White to remove all the excess fat around my belly and around my chest area. My pant size went from a 36 to a 31. I got my V shape back. I looked at my self in a 180 degree mirror. I was amazing. People ask if I was a body builder, I had a six pack for the first time in 30 yrs. So this past summer on a vacation in Destin Fla. all my kids seen dad for the first time with out a shirt. It felt so good and comfortable not having to suck my stomach in all the time, because it was flat being just relaxed. I know that I looked ok before the surgery & my wife and kids love me no matter what. But when your 50 years old and have a body build of a 20 yr. old. just from liposuction you feel so much better about yourself. Now my wife and kids & I can take beach vacations & not have to wear a shirt. Thanks to Dr. White for being a perfectionist and going to the extreme to do the best that can be done. So I highly recommend this procedure. More

Review from S.O.  |  Source: Google  |  Jun 06, 2013

I have been on a weight loss "journey" for YEARS! I was just about to finally reach my goals when my husband and I were surprised with a pregnancy and double surprised with TWINS! I had an amazingly healthy pregnancy and the twins couldn't be healthier, but my body . . .not so much. To say the least it was devastated by the weight loss and by carrying the twins full term. I had researched Doctors for over two years and kept coming back to Dr. Steven White; his qualifications and results were untouchable. I was still very apprehensive about all the details, such as pain, recovery period and results. I truly did not know if anyone could really make a difference in regards to the visual damage my body had seen. Let me just say from start to end my experience was PHENOMENAL! I initially thought I would require liposuction and a tummy tuck. However, after my consultation and meeting with Dr. White, he determined I would only need a tummy tuck. Dr. White's tummy tuck's are not like any others! He performs extensive re-contouring of your entire abdomen, which eliminates the need for additional liposuction! Dr. White, his staff and my stay at the hospital was amazing! The details and information they provided before hand literally took all fears and apprehensions away! The pain . . well, being a baby about pain, I can honestly say I left the hospital just taking Tylenol! My Gaul bladder surgery was a much more painful recovery; and let me tell you, Dr. White performs miracles! It's only been a little over a month and when I look in the mirror I cry! I can not believe my results! I don't even look like the same person and I'm still a little swollen! As far as being able to get back to my busy life with 3 kiddos, I'm back to my regular self! Did I mention it's only been about 5 weeks! Dr. White has given me a new lease on life and that to me is PRICELESS! To anyone considering any type of cosmetic procedure, Dr. White is the ONLY person to go to, bar none! More

Review from S.M.  |  Source: Google  |  Jun 06, 2013

Since 2006 I've been wanting to get a breast augmentation but never really knew where to begin to look. After several years of looking around for a doctor I finally ran into Dr. White. In 2009 I found him online, read his reviews and looked at several of his before and after pictures. I decided to make an appointment with him, upon arrival the entire staff made me feel welcomed. I thought I knew what size I wanted but Dr. White recommended a size for me, so I went along with it. After the surgery was over, I was pleased to see that Dr. White would still check up on me to make sure everything was moving smoothly. Finally the day came when I was able to take off the bandages/bra. WOW WOW WOW, that's all I could think, I was completely astonished with the results. 3 years later in 2012 I went back to get a tummy tuck and liposuction under my chin; again the results were incredible. I didn't have any doubts going in because I knew he was going to do a great job. My family was impressed with results, so much that my fiance got a rhinoplasty and liposuction, my nephew had liposuction done, as well. All with excellent results. I would not doubt returning to him for anything in the future. I would greatly recommend anyone to go with him for anything they need done. I still go back with him to get botox!!! More

Review from Google User  |  Source: Google  |  Jun 06, 2012

Dr. While expertly performed my tummy tuck and thigh liposuction 6 weeks ago. The results amazing! I decided to have a tummy tuck and thigh liposuction because after having my child a year ago, I lost every single pregnancy pound, was back down to a size 4/6, and still my body simply didn?t look like it did before I got pregnant. I lost my waist line, the skin on my tummy was loose and unattractive, and I had a pooch? below my belly button that wasn?t going to go away with diet and exercise. I did a lot of research before selecting Dr. White as my surgeon, and I am so glad I did. Dr. White?s academic and professional credentials speak volumes for themselves, and his results do the same. His love of art and his huge passion for what he does show in his surgical results. I have never seen more beautiful hour-glass before and after results photos from any surgeon anywhere. Now, I too have a lovely hour-glass shape, a very flat tummy, and perfectly tight skin -- and my surgery was only 6 weeks ago. I can already tell that my tummy tuck scar is going to be an ultra-thin white line when it is finished healing. As unbelievable as it may sound, I did not have any bruising on my thighs after my liposuction thanks to his precise tools and expert skill. In a word Dr. White is a perfectionist. He not only cares about how great your results look, but he also really cares about your health as well. His post-surgery and follow-up care have been very thorough, and he takes eve More

Review from Google User  |  Source: Google  |  Jun 06, 2012

The WOW Factor! After childbirth and nursing two children, my weight and body shape fluctuated for 15 years. At the age of 45, I finally lost and maintained a 60 pound loss. However, when I looked in the mirror, I did not like what I saw; flabby tummy, stretch marks, loose skin, and flat breasts that I poured into a bra. No amount of excercise could get rid of my mommy muffin top and my saggy breasts. I was in constant pain from the pressure of loose skin in my mid section, back pain, sores and indentions from under-wire bras. I was tired of wearing spanx and yummy tummy tanks to get rid of the bulges. I was over-due for a mommy makeover! Initially, I only wanted a breast lift. I have God-given, beautiful breasts, and felt I had enough breast mass to not need implants. But to get the best results for the breast enhancement, I needed an extensive tummy tuck. I have NEVER had surgery, and I was intimidated by the whole idea of elective procedures and my pain threshold. I interviewed several highly recommended DFW surgeons, but was turned off by those doctors that encourage an unnecessary augmentation, performed both surgeries, in one day, in their office instead of a hospital. The minute I walked into Dr. White's office, I felt at ease. His office staff were gentle, encouraging and respectful. Dr. White went about explaining his recommendations and techniques with great attention to details. He addressed my concerns with the breast size and shape, contouring my tummy and abdominal muscles to make the breasts look bigger. He understood I wanted the most natural results that were appropriate for my body size and age. He insisted doing the procedures separately, to achieve the best recovery and results, both performed in a hospital setting. He was genuinely excited about how he could help me. And I made the right decision! He did the tummy tuck first, and I was AMAZED at the results; no dog ears on the sides, LOW incision, tight abs, beautifully hooded belly button, and no more stretch marks on my tummy. Because of his perfecting nature, he gave me an added bonus, taking the incision around the hip, lifting the buttock and hip. I now can rock a pair of low rise, skinny jeans! But the breast lift/reduction was the WOW factor. When he unwrapped me in his office, Dr. White did a little Snoopy dance! The results were stunning. The breasts were full, high and symmetrical. He magically removed the loose skin in the axilla area and moved my nipple up 5 inches. The surgery was virtually PAINLESS, with no sensitivity loss. After weight loss and surgeries, I went from a size 18 to size 6/8. My body looks like it did in my college days! Thank you, Dr. White, for holding my hubby's hand during this process. I am grateful you made me quit smoking, adding years to my life. You checked on me morning and night during my hospital stays. And I appreciate your excitement for what you do, and your obsession over the details. Hats off to your highly trained staff and nurses, who encouraged and answered my silly and personal questions! I look forward to the final touches with liposuction. Sic 'em BEARS! More

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