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Double board-certified Dallas, TX plastic surgeon, Dr. Steven J. White MD, is dedicated to providing patients with an unforgettable plastic surgery experience. Consistently listed as a “Top Doc” and touted among the best plastic surgeons in the Dallas area, Dr. White believes there are no shortcuts to experience, training and knowledge. His patients, who travel far and wide to have plastic surgery under his hands, agree. We are happy to share their experiences and patient stories with you here so that you can gain additional insight and get to know Dr. White a little better. We hope you find these patient testimonials helpful as you make this very important decision.

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Review from A.C.  |  Source: Google  |  Jan 02, 2019

I had my rhinoplasty in 2007 and I found Dr. White on D Magazine. He is an true artist. I love my results and everything went smoothly. I hardly had any bruising. No one can tell I ever had anything done, it’s amazing. I highly recommend him, I recommend to everyone I know. Thank you Dr.White you’ve changed my life and thank you and your friendly staff! Y’all are awesome! More

Review from D.L.  |  Source: Google  |  Aug 07, 2018

I picked up the closest reading material on a flight to Chicago for business. It was then that I began to flip through the magazine and spotted a page within about DMagazine’s best doctors. There, Dr. White’s information was listed under Dallas, Texas, the place I called home. I quickly jotted down his information and carried on. Fast forward several years later when I finally decided that it was time to begin my search for a plastic surgeon. After all, I had been wanting a rhinoplasty for as long as I could remember, and it was time. I’m all about reviews, whether it’s for a doctor, a restaurant, a nail salon...good reviews mean a lot. After many nights of research, all roads let to Dr. White. I recalled that I had written down his information years prior and went ahead and scheduled a consult. The consultation was all that was needed to seal the deal!Dr. White takes his time explaining the procedure in detail. I learned things i didn’t even expect to learn about what was going to happen during the procedure. I wholeheartedly appreciate all the time he and his staff invested in myself and my husband during my consult and each appointment thereafter. It wasn’t long after my consult that I scheduled my procedure (rhinoplasty, turbinoplasty and septoplasty).I experienced little to no pain after arriving home from the hospital and I took regular Tylenol throughout my recovery. On day 10 the external and internal splints were removed and there are just no words to describe the moment I saw myself in the mirror. I cried. I literally cried of happiness. I never in a million years thought my nose and face could look this great and I am absolutely thrilled with my results two weeks post-op. Even with the initial swelling, my nose is perfection! The swelling goes down with time and the shape gets better and better every single day. I didn’t go into the consult with a celebrity photo or a specific vision of what I wanted. I told him what I didn’t like about my nose and that was that. Even with my crippling insecurity, I felt this calmness and trust and I knew he would know what to do and what changes needed to be made. He has performed this surgery a zillion times and knows exactly what to do and you can trust that he will deliver.Dr. White is a perfectionist and he hands down takes his time with you every step of the way. He is a master in his field and it’s no wonder why he has been rated best doctor for so many years. The funny thing is after I had scheduled my procedure I questioned my overall decision to even go through with it...Yet again, was on a flight to California a few weeks before I was scheduled and who did I see in the flight magazine...Dr. White, rated best doctor. It was a sign and I knew then and there that he was meant to be my doctor and I have never been happier.If you are in the research phase, stop your search now, you won’t regret it! He is hands down the best doctor around. Kudos to his support staff, who are the nicest and sweetest girls in town! Rock star team for a rock star doctor!Happiest Patient Ever More

Review from M.D.  |  Source: Google  |  Jul 07, 2018

From the very start I had a wonderful experience with Dr. White and the team at USA plastic surgery. I have never had a procedure of any kind done before, so I was nervous about my decision to have a nose job. Dr. White was very reassuring as he is clearly very experienced, he and the rest of the staff made me feel at ease and confident that my face was in good hands. The surgery went wonderfully, and I cannot be happier with my results. Dr. White truly performed better than my expectations. I would and will recommend him to anyone interested in plastic surgery. More

Review from R.R.  |  Source: Google  |  May 15, 2018

As a 52 year old male, I had never thought seriously about having a rhinoplasty until a friends young daughter asked me why I had a witch nose. I knew the tip was slightly drooping and there was a bump on the bridge, but it wasn't until I looked at my side profile picture did I realize she was right. I had a previous nose surgery done when I was in college, but it was not done that well and over time I developed obstructed airways and loose cartilage that had contributed to the problem. I knew Dr. White from friends that he operated on and trusted his expertise and skill from their results and experience. I went for my consultation and signed up for the procedure the same day. I have been 100% pleased from start to finish and highly recommend him. Thank you to Dr. White and his staff for a superb job. More

Review from A.M.  |  Source: Google  |  Aug 24, 2017

Dr. Steven White is genuinely an incredible surgeon. I had three consultations with three different doctors prior to my surgery (rhinoplasty), and Dr. White was by far the best. His positive and confident demeanor made me feel extremely comfortable and informed about the idea of surgery during the consultation and he took countless percautions to ensure I would have the best experience possible weeks before the actual date of surgery. I have always wanted to have my nose done, as I had a large hump in the middle of it and I had always been unhappy with it. I was concerned that my nose would not come out as I had expected it to and that the actual recovery time after surgery would be unbearable. Dr. White explained that he would perform precision surgery, which would minimize my swelling and bruising, despite the horribly painful post-rhinoplasty videos and photos I had seen. Dr. White is a perfectionist, and ensured me that my nose would look the best it could possibly look when he was done with it and that it would fit my face perfectly; he accomplished just that. After surgery, I had almost no bruising around my eyes, which was incredible, very little pain or discomfort, was able to be up and about within 4 days, and the swelling has dissipated quickly since then. In comparisons to how I have seen other nose job recoveries turn out, I had such an easy time with mine simply because Dr. White is a truly amazing surgeon. My nose turned out even better than I ever could have imagined and I absolutely love love love how it looks now, just 2 months out. I've been so blown away by how easy and comfortable this experience has been and how surreal the results are. If you're looking to have your nose done, or any other procedure, Dr. White is 100% the surgeon to go to, no questions asked. Thank you so much for everything Dr. White! More

Review from Anonymous  |  Source: Healthgrades  |  Jul 13, 2017

We had researched and interviewed 3 different doctors, including Dr. White, about performing my daughter's rhinoplasty. We need immediately after the initial consultation with Dr. White, that he was the man for the job. He provided excellent information about the procedure, expectation, risks, and outcomes, and spent more than just more than just a cursory amount of time with us during the initial consult. We had every confidence in him, and he did not let us down! More

Review from L.D.  |  Source: Google  |  Feb 17, 2017

This is by far the most heartfelt and sincere review I will probably ever write. I have hated my nose for as long as I can remember, but the thought of surgery on your face can be quite daunting. I went to consultation after consultation with so many surgeons, but the second Dr. White stepped into the room I knew he was who I wanted to perform my rhinoplasty. You can just feel his passion and enthusiasm for what he does- that is so rare to find. He showed me how much he truly cares about his patients by being so welcoming and setting aside any concerns I had. The moment I saw my new nose my eyes filled with tears because I was so thrilled and overwhelmed with joy. That's when it all hit me, and I can never thank Dr. White and his staff enough for what they did for me. It truly changed my life for the better and gave me the confidence I have always lacked. I highly recommend him to anyone wanting to undergo cosmetic surgery. He is worthy of your trust and will not let you down. Do yourself a favor and book your consultation with him! Again, I cannot express in words my gratitude, and I will surely return to him for any procedure I may desire in the future. More

Review from L.  |  Source: Healthgrades  |  Feb 17, 2017

I went to see Dr. White to perform my rhinoplasty. After many consultations with various surgeons I found myself meeting him, and it truly changed my life. The surgery and recovery were a breeze; he genuinely cares for his patients, and his work reflects that! I cannot begin to express how overwhelmingly grateful I am to have found Dr. White. I would go through it all again because he made it so worth it. I now can look in the mirror and feel the confidence I have always lacked. More

Review from L.L.  |  Source: Google  |  Feb 14, 2017

Dr White is utterly amazing! I have had associations with other top surgeons but none compare to this guy. Yes it cost more, yes it took more surgery time; but my daughter's nose turned out better than our wildest dreams. He shoots straight, has a wonderful and fun attitude and backs it all up with immaculate results. My daughter is rocking the most beautiful and natural looking nose in TX thanks to Dr. White. He is truly an artist and super intellengent guy. Thank you! Lacy More

Review from Google User  |  Source: Google  |  Jan 02, 2017

Dr. Steven White...what can I say? I love the man. There is no doctor I have ever trusted more than this one. He is God's hands on this Earth. I had one other procedure with Dr. White in 2015. I knew what to expect in terms of the process and the lead-up to surgery. This one was no less excellent. The office team and Dr. White had me thoroughly prepared. They are compassionate, informative and just plain fun to be around and to talk with. How many Doctor's offices can you say this about? This was a revision rhinoplasty/septoplasty. Dr. White had to do extra work on me because of my situation and nasal scar tissue/trauma from the past. He was energized by the challenge. That was clear. More importantly, he successfully dealt with the challenge and achieved everything I could hope for. The nose is such a prominent feature on the face. This is why the careful screening and selection of a Doctor for this type of procedure is so critical. I can save you a lot of time. Choose this one. Training? He has certification as an ENT (Ear Nose Throat) specialist and of course as a plastic surgeon. The skills are there. He would not stop until he made my nose the best my body would let it be. The drive is there. He checked on me repeatedly and showed such compassion for me. The empathy is there. Side note: he showed this kind of compassion and regard for other personnel like nurses and auxiliary staff. Most exemplary and rare in the field of medicine and life in general. I don't know what else I could ask for in a Doctor. He is a consummate professional. Downside One: the cost. He isn't inexpensive but I promise you that you will get what you pay for. Downside Two: if you aren't ready to be a compliant patient in terms of instructions, then you will find Dr. White insistent. My advice: just trust and comply then watch the magic ensue. One last reason to choose Dr. White especially for rhinoplasty/septoplasty: it's his favorite procedure to perform. The results are amazing and as Dr. White says, the clean lines and nasal features reduce turbulence on the face. An observer is able to see your face and it just flows. I am thrilled by the results and clearly I would recommend him to anyone. P.S. Please ask Dr. White to show you my before and after pictures. He will know which one I am. You will be amazed. More

Review from C.  |  Source: RealSelf  |  Nov 14, 2016

Better Late Than Never- Rhinoplasty - Dear realself Reader,I had my Rhinoplasty just under a year ago, sorry I waited so long to write this review! I don't know where to start with Dr. White... he is a master sculptor! I went to five different surgeons, Dr. White being the most expensive of all, but worth it. When it comes to your health and your face, don’t just go with the cheapest, go with the best. Dr. White is the best, he has his own method when performing a Rhinoplasty that no other doctor can replicate. He builds in cartilage into the bridge and tip of your nose so it is not only pretty but it is strong. I’ve seen women who have a pitched look and their nose looks very weak after a Rhinoplasty. If you do not want this happening to you go to Dr. White! Moreover, his staff is hands down the best… I must have called to cancel at least 7 times and each time they were more than accommodating with me, scheduling and rescheduling over and over again. I was so nervous but in the end very thankful I finally went through it. I now live in Marina Del Rey and I’m trying to find a doctor for Botox and fillers but cannot find a Doctor like Dr. White. I would trust him with all my anti-aging needs in the future! Thank you Dr. White and Staff for the amazing experience and results! More

Review from A.B.  |  Source: Google  |  Jun 21, 2016

My rhinoplasty experience with Dr. White has been beyond my expectations. I had always thought about the parts of my nose that I did not like, but I never imagined that I would actually go through with surgery - the thought of it not turning out how you?d like is very scary. I was mainly concerned about somehow looking like a different person. I wanted the change to be subtle. After seeing that Dr. White completed two full residencies and is double board certified in Otolaryngology and Plastic surgery, I knew I wanted to go see him. The first contact I had was with Jazmin, who is wonderful. She is cheery and helpful and I was excited for my consultation just after speaking with her. When I met Dr. White, it was obvious how intelligent he is and how passionate he is about what he does. The consultation involved him asking me what I saw when I looked at my nose - while I?m sure his talent prompts an almost immediate artistic vision, he did not begin by taking liberties in pointing out anything that he saw as an opportunity to correct (cosmetically). That alone says so much about the way he approaches his work. He also noticed a deviated septum, did a little breathing test, and determined that I would benefit from a septoplasty and turbinoplasty. He spends the time to cover all questions precisely and assuredly. On top of that, he is so likable! It is easy to instantly have a strong level of confidence in him. The day of surgery came, and the anesthesiologist, pre-op and recovery staff were phenomenal (the staff also expressed incredible respect and praise for Dr. White). The surgery lasted about 7 hours. I think this is a good thing! He is a very meticulous surgeon and does not take any shortcuts to turn over patients quickly. Dr. White told me in my consultation that I just have to trust him when he?s in the OR, and he was absolutely right. Trust him 110%. He and his staff are setting the bar high in every aspect of cosmetic surgery. I am three months post-op and the results are outstanding! My nose is subtly tweaked in all the right ways, in sync with facial features, and on top of that, I have not had one bit of stuffiness! Dr. White has extremely high standards and takes incredible pride in safety, surgical precision, and successfully achieving the best, most natural outcomes possible, both aesthetically and functionally. I also enjoy going back for follow-up visits. He has such a happy office and everyone takes great care of you during your entire time as a patient. Dr. White is the only surgeon I would trust to do any type of procedure. He is a true and thoughtful artist. The best! Thank you Dr. White and staff! More

Review from A.U.  |  Source: Google  |  Jun 16, 2016

Doing my rhinoplasty with Dr. White was a decision I will never regret. I went to 2 other doctors and my consultation with them was ok but Dr white consultation was different. He educated me on the procedure and what I needed to do. At first I wanted to do a cephalic trim to the cartrlidge only but he insisted on narrowing my nose bone too to balance the overall look. At the end he was right, Its been a year now and I am happy with the result. My nose looks natural and better than before. I got a lot of compliments on it from people I know. One of my biggest concern before the surgery was to keep my nose ethnicity and he did a great job on that part too. More

Review from A.G.  |  Source: Healthgrades  |  Apr 19, 2016

Dr. White was a no-brainer when it came to selection a surgeon to do my rhino/turpinoplasty with a rib graft (sounds scary). I have had a minor rhinoplasty before to correct my broken nose but nothing that would drastically change my appearance or breathing. During the first consult, he explained to me why my breathing was not sufficient and had me do a couple breathing tests through my nose and knew what he needed to do to correct the issue. He explained the surgery procedure from start to fini More

Review from G.U.  |  Source: Google  |  Mar 18, 2016

I went to Dr. White for a rhinoplasty/turbinoplasty/septoplasty in January. Everything was excellent, from consult, to operation day, to post-op. Dr. White himself, office and administration, and the nurses and hospital staff were all highly professional and friendly. I was very scared before the procedure because I'm an anxious person in general, but everything went about as smoothly as possible. The results are great, my nose is natural looking and more functional. Thank you Dr. White and staff! More

Review from M.  |  Source: Healthgrades  |  Feb 24, 2016

I absolutely recommend Doctor White. The surgery I had done was rhinoplasty. Doctor White worked with me and explained exactly what to expect so there were no surprises. His staff was also very patient and understanding, competent and super friendly. As was the hospital he is using for care after the surgery. A nurse at the hospital could not praise Doctor White enough, which means a lot since she deals with patients from multiple surgeons. More

Review from Anonymous  |  Source: RateMDs  |  Jan 26, 2016

The surgery has made such a wonderful difference in my life. I can not only breathe better but my physical appearance is looking great. I had a Rhinoplasty six months ago. Dr. White is caring and a outstanding doctor, I would recommend him to anyone that needs plastic surgery. Thank you Dr. White! More

Review from M.J.  |  Source: Google  |  Dec 28, 2015

It was a difficult decision for me since any surgery has risks. However, I have always been unhappy with my looks and I have wanted to do this for years. I finally got the courage. After researching surgeons, I decided to see Doctor White. The surgery I had done was rhinoplasty. I could not be happier with the outcome. I finally feel comfortable with my looks. Not only did it improve the way I look, I?m also able to breathe much better which is a benefit I did not expect. It actually improved my whole well-being. I absolutely recommend Doctor White. Especially to someone like me, who is uncertain if this is something they really want to do. Doctor White worked with me and explained exactly what to expect so there were no surprises. His staff was also very patient and understanding, competent and super friendly. As was the hospital he is using for care after the surgery. A nurse at the hospital could not praise Doctor White enough, which means a lot since she deals with patients from multiple surgeons. Now that I experience these great results thanks to Doctor White?s skills, I wish I would have done this sooner. More

Review from Anonymous  |  Source: RateMDs  |  Jan 20, 2015

If you are researching plastic surgeons and are struggling to select the right one, look no further. Everything about Dr White, including his wonderful staff, made my experience of having a rhinoplasty / septoplasty one of the best things I've ever done in my life. I shopped around and visited with many different surgeons in the Dallas area, and while many of them have very good credentials and plenty of decent reviews, none of them even came close in comparison to Dr White. Let's just say, he had me at hello. He was so careful during the initial consultation with me, he spent over an hour just talking with me, looking at my nose, commenting on what he would do, discussing my fears and concerns, and educating me on the process as well as what I should look for if I were to choose another Dr which I thought was very cool. Additionally, the preparation that he puts into your surgery makes you feel like you are his only patient. He spent hours taking photographs of my nose, and when I asked him why he takes so many (over 300!), he said it's because he takes the best ones and puts them up in the operating room so he can make sure he is doing the best possible job to fix the things I don't like about my nose. I was very fearful about undergoing surgery (I have young kids and those fears do sink in about something happening on the operating table), I was fearful that the results would make me look fake or would completely change my appearance and I wouldn't be me anymore, and I was also fearful that the Dr would make a mistake and cut off my ability to breathe because I was having my nostrils made smaller and for some reason I thought this might effect my ability to breathe thru my nose. What became apparent very quickly was Dr White has done hundreds of nose jobs (both outside and inside the nose), and given he started his career as an ENT, he has about the best understanding of the anatomy of the nose than anyone. He also operates in a highly regarded hospital, and uses real anesthesiologists who know what they are doing to keep you safe during surgery. In the end, I couldn't have imagined a better result and my nose is beautiful, I feel beautiful for the first time in my life, and my breathing is actually BETTER than before the nose job because he worked his magic on the inside of my nose too. If you are considering any other doctor in the Dallas area, you are crazy. Don't do it - Dr White should be your first and last stop and you will be very pleased with the results. Dr White really cares about making his patients happy. One last thing, Dr White told me that 50% of the rhinoplasty procedures he does are revision surgeries. Now that should be evidence enough that he knows what he is doing! Don't go anywhere else or you could be in that group of people who are going back a second time and paying way more than the first time to fix the mistakes of a less experienced and qualified surgeon!! More

Review from L.  |  Source: RealSelf  |  Jan 20, 2015

Dr White is the Best - Dallas, TX - Dr White performed my rhinoplasty / septoplasty. Every aspect of his process exceeded my expectations. From the initial consultation, where he and his staff spent nearly three hours with me discussing the procedure, educating me on the process, and going over the financials which were very transparent and straightforward. Not only is Dr White wonderful, but his staff is also great. They are professional, sweet, and empathetic, which comes in handy when you are recovering from surgery. I had a lot of fears to overcome in going forward with this surgery, but the main ones were that it would make my nose look worse (which would have been hard to do but all the scary stories about botched nose jobs really made me nervous), and I was also scared that it would mess up my ability to breathe thru my nose. However, when I met Dr White, it was very evident from his experience as an ENT, as well as his experience as a surgeon, he knew what he was doing and I decided to give up control to him. I am extremely picky, and a bit OCD, and I found it very funny that he is 10 times more of a perfectionist than I am. And let me tell you, if you are considering trusting your nose, or any part of your body, to someone who is NOT a perfectionist, you are crazy. The wrong surgeon can really damage you, and although it may cost a little more to go to someone like Dr White, it is very important that you consider this before going thru this type of surgery with just anyone. I can tell you with 150% confidence that you are in the best hands possible with him. Finally, not only is he incredibly experienced and talented, but I think you will also find that he is also compassionate, and he really takes his surgeries personally. If for some reason his patient was unhappy with the result, it would really effect him and he would not be ok with that. Based on all of the research I did and consultations I did with other doctors, there were no other doctors or staff with whom I got that feeling from. My end result is amazing. I have so much more confidence than before, and the results are natural looking, and beautiful. It is everything I wanted and more, and my only regret is waiting until I was 40 to do this!! More

Review from L.M.  |  Source: Yelp  |  Sep 03, 2013

Dr. White's motto is "YOU, only BETTER!!" And he's right! I've had a tummy tuck with lipo and breast augmentation. After both procedures I felt so comfortable in my body, I wished I had done it sooner! I recently had nose surgery... But this time it was a necessity. This time, I would truly look different on the outside for everyone to see. The only Dr. I trust is Dr.White. I was used to my thin, crooked nose! I didn't want to change it. However, my nose was collapsing and breathing became more difficult. Dr. White knew the right words to soothe me. How many doctors do you know that have such a caring and professional demeanor? He assured me that it would be ME, only better!! Recovery was a snap! My own brother forgot I had surgery until I reminded him. And do you know what he said?? "It's awesome, it's YOU only BETTER!" I consider Dr. White part of my family and I am forever grateful!!!! More

Review from A.N.  |  Source: Insiderpages  |  Aug 27, 2013

I've had two procedures by Dr. White and I am so extremely happy with both of my results! Dr. White is very upbeat and much so a perfectionist. Plus the ladies that work in the office are so sweet and helpful. Being terrified of needles and the thought of having surgery (never had surgery before), I was wanting to back out the night before my Breast Augmentation...well I'm so glad I didn't. The morning I went in for surgery, Dr. White came to talk to me before my surgery and I felt a lot more comfortable. Today I am 14 months out, and they are perfect! I love them more and more with time. And let me say, after surgery, I was in no pain and went back to work 2 days later. NOW At the moment I am 6 wks post on my rhinoplasty by Dr. White. This was a crazy procedure! The first 2 days were the hardest, then everyday got better. I was able to have my cast taken off at 11 days and I LOVE the results! My nose was crooked and had a bump and now it looks so much softer..Very happy Dr. White did such an amazing job and I know they say it takes two years for your swelling to go down, but you can't even tell mine is swollen. Overall, I would recommend Dr. Stephen White to anyone, I have absolutely no regrets. More

Review from S.M.  |  Source: Google  |  Jun 06, 2013

Since 2006 I've been wanting to get a breast augmentation but never really knew where to begin to look. After several years of looking around for a doctor I finally ran into Dr. White. In 2009 I found him online, read his reviews and looked at several of his before and after pictures. I decided to make an appointment with him, upon arrival the entire staff made me feel welcomed. I thought I knew what size I wanted but Dr. White recommended a size for me, so I went along with it. After the surgery was over, I was pleased to see that Dr. White would still check up on me to make sure everything was moving smoothly. Finally the day came when I was able to take off the bandages/bra. WOW WOW WOW, that's all I could think, I was completely astonished with the results. 3 years later in 2012 I went back to get a tummy tuck and liposuction under my chin; again the results were incredible. I didn't have any doubts going in because I knew he was going to do a great job. My family was impressed with results, so much that my fiance got a rhinoplasty and liposuction, my nephew had liposuction done, as well. All with excellent results. I would not doubt returning to him for anything in the future. I would greatly recommend anyone to go with him for anything they need done. I still go back with him to get botox!!! More

Review from Google User  |  Source: Google  |  Jun 06, 2012

I was very nervous about getting my nose done. I've wanted it done for a long time and wanted to find the right doctor to do it. When I found Dr. White I knew who was going to do my rhinoplasty! He is the nicest, most caring doctor I have ever been too, and really listens to what you have to say. I had a bump at the top of my nose and it was also crooked at the bottom. He made it look beautiful! It is now the most favorite feature on my face when it used to be what I absolutely hated! The recovery process went great, I barley had any swelling or bruising and it just keeps turning out better and better as it heals. It's only been 3 months since my surgery and it looks GREAT! I recommend Dr. White to anyone who wants ANY surgery done because, honestly he is the best and why would you want someone who isn't as good or as qualified as him to work on your body? More

Review from Google User  |  Source: Google  |  Jun 06, 2012

I could not be more pleased with my overall experience with Dr. White! He sincerely cared not only about what I had to say as a patient, but my happiness as a person. The same goes for his office staff, they're great. Dr. White is definitely a perfectionist when it comes to his work, and I could not be happier with the outcome of my rhinoplasty. I had been considering one for years, and after I broke my nose, I decided to have the procedure done. I can finally breathe normally, my allergies are virtually gone, along with the bump that I used to have on my nose. I love it! The pain of the procedure and the recovery was minimal, and the hospital nurses could not have been more attentive to me afterwards. From my initial consultation to my follow-up visits, Dr. White was incredibly professional and kind, and I would recommend him to others without hesitation. More

Review (In Office)
Review from B. D.  |  Source: Source: Office  |  Apr 20, 2015

My past experiences with members of the medical professional have been at best disappointing. I have been to many doctors who without a second thought would dismiss my concerns, questions and even instincts about my own body. It was therefore a welcome and extremely pleasant surprise to be greeted by a doctor who was so energetic, attentive and empathetic. Dr. White's bedside manner is impeccable --- he does not condescend and he is both patient and sincere in his interest and concern for your well-being (physically and emotionally). Dr. White's staff and the office's environment are both friendly and relaxing. My results are fantastic! I would certainly recommend Dr. White to anyone interested in pursuing cosmetic or reconstructive plastic surgery. More

Review (In Office)
Review from C. B.  |  Source: Source: Office  |  Jul 02, 2014

I am very impressed with Dr. White's expertise. Dr. White gives individualized care and attention to his patients. I never felt rushed during an appointment (even though I always had plenty of questions!) He is very conscientious and thorough both in the pre-op stage as well as post-op. I have a lot of confidence in Dr. White's abilities and would not hesitate to have any future surgery performed by him. More

Review (In Office)
Review from K. B.  |  Source: Source: Office  |  Jul 15, 2013

Dr. White was very thorough on the details of the surgery. He was very caring and concerned in all matters before and after surgery. His relationship with me as a patient was a wonderful experience. I appreciate all his efforts. He does beautiful work. Thank you! More

Review (In Office)
Review from M. G.  |  Source: Source: Office  |  May 27, 2013

Even with my wonderful private school education and my future four years at Baylor combined; I could never find the ability Dr. White to put into words the joy that my rhinoplasty has brought me. Although I know I was attractive before --- I feel gorgeous now! My confidence level has increased ... by large margins ... and I feel it's because of the excellent skill you have in plastic surgery. Not only do you possess superior abilities in the work you do, but it's so obvious you genuinely care about each of your patients. I want to thank you for the confidence you have given me. You truly have changed my life. I would absolutely recommend you to anyone and I sing your praises to everyone who compliments me on my beautiful nose. From the beginning to the end, there is nothing I would change about the entire process of my surgery. More

Review (In Office)
Review from T. R.  |  Source: Source: Office  |  Mar 13, 2012

Dr. White,Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did on my nose! I can't even begin to tell you how happy I am! In the beginning, I really didn't know what changes I thought should take place for the result I had in mind and I placed all my trust in your judgments. I couldn't have done it better by just trusting you'll do what is best, because you couldn't have come closer to the result I had envisioned. It hasn't even been the one-year mark yet! You do incredible work with your hands and I have nothing but great things to say about you! Enjoy the chardonnay! It's my favorite! Cheers! More

Review (In Office)
Review from D. R.  |  Source: Source: Office  |  Feb 12, 2012

I can't believe I finally made it to the 1 year mark post-surgery. Just wanted you to know I've thought about you and the perfect (one of your favorite words) job you did on my nose. I've thought about the number of calls you gave to reassure me I was okay. I'm sure I wasn't your only patient during those weeks but I sure felt that way! You're not just great at what you do ... but you're a fun, great guy to be around. Just wanted you to know you are appreciated even a year later! Oh...did I mention my nose is perfect?!? :) More

Review (In Office)
Review from K. W.  |  Source: Source: Office  |  Nov 06, 2011

I am thrilled with the look of my new nose! Thank you for all of the time you invested in me --- the nose and me personally. Your talent coupled with your conscientious approach makes you a 1st class doctor and the best guardian I could have asked for. My experience with you has been tremendous. The results are wonderful and the personal care I received was outstanding. It's hard to believe that I looked so good 6 days after surgery, I was presenting to a crowded room in New York City! I have the utmost faith in you and have recommended you to my family and friends. It would be my pleasure to confirm the above with any of your future clients. Thanks again! More

Review (In Office)
Review from C. F.  |  Source: Source: Office  |  Oct 31, 2011

Having never had surgery before, choosing to have Rhinoplasty was a huge decision. I was very cautious in selecting my cosmetic surgeon because I wanted to assure I was in good hands. Upon meeting Dr. White during my initial consultation, I knew he was the one I wanted to perform my surgery. He was so thorough and sincere. He wanted to make sure I was making the decision for the right reasons. He explained in detail how the operation would take place, the recovery time frame, and everything in between. He answered every question I posed to him, and his passion and commitment to surgery were very evident in each of our meetings. I could not be happier with the results, and he has forever changed my life! After waiting so long to have the surgery, I can now look back and say it was well worth the wait! He is quite a perfectionist and THE best at what he does! I look forward to our post-op appointments for the next year so we can both admire what a beautiful job he has done! More

Review (In Office)
Review from A. R.  |  Source: Source: Office  |  Oct 18, 2011

I've purposely waited 2 full years before writing and mailing my patient survey. You had mentioned during our consultations that I'll not know the full result of my rhinoplasty for 24 months, but to expect immediate results from my septoplasty and turbinoplasty, and you were absolutely correct. Everyday I'm reminded of what a great decision I made with the functional aspect of my surgery when I'm about to breathe without constant congestion. I wake, blow out my nose once, and don't think about it again the rest of the day. No more nasal sinus issues, and for that alone I'm grateful. The rhinoplasty was just the cherry on top. My nose is now more proportionate with my face, the top no longer droops, and my once bulbous top is now more feminine and flattering. I appreciate your dedication to your work, both medically and artistically. I am extremely pleased with the outcome of my procedures, and I also appreciate the thorough consultation made possible with the comprehensive photography. More

Review (In Office)
Review from S. M.  |  Source: Source: Office  |  Jul 01, 2010

Dr. White made me feel very comfortable and confident from my first appointment. He is not only very professional, but also very personable. He was very direct and open about what I should expect before and after the procedure. I appreciate the fact that he devotes so much time to each individual patient. I am ecstatic with my results and what Dr. White has done to change my life! I went shopping today and after only 5 weeks, I am into a size 4... from the size 8 that I was wearing the day of my surgery! Every time I look into the mirror I say a special thank you to the man that has given me the hourglass figure that I have always dreamed of --- but never thought possible. There isn't enough paper or words to let this man know what he has done for me. I look better at 50 than I did at 25 and believe me, Dr. White, I am strutting my stuff ! I love it, thank you! More

Review (In Office)
Review from T. S.  |  Source: Source: Office  |  May 21, 2010

I am a 40 year old registered nurse, former research scientist, and former quality assurance analyst. I have had nine surgeries, six of which have been cosmetic. I went to one board certified plastic surgeon for liposuction; after two attempts and $20,000, he still didn't get it right. Next, I had a rhinoplasty by another plastic surgeon that checked out under investigation --- but this surgery has worsened my breathing problem. I then proceeded to have breast implants and a mini tummy tuck with another very reputable board certified surgeon. I woke from surgery with extreme itching yet was sent home after surgery. By the next day while at home, the skin on my abdomen was sloughing off like I had been burned chemically. We called the surgeon. He was very professional and handled the incident as quickly as he could. Please note however that if I had this procedure done at a facility where there were nurses to observe me overnight --- a hospital --- my medical treatment would have been expedited exponentially. After much upset, my face was beginning to show serious aging around the eyes and forehead. I proceeded with the usual diligence with research and tons of questions, but was absolutely terrified of having another board certified 'yahoo' cut on my most beloved feature: my eyes..... Until I met Dr. White. He was so excited about doing my surgery and detected my over-amplified and frequently expressed fears of surgery. He remained positive, upbeat and energetic. Dr. White had given me back that same sparkle that I had as a teenager --- and I am forever grateful for his mastery of his domain! My writing skills are inadequate to describe what this man has done for me and the way I feel about myself. More

Review (In Office)
Review from M. A.  |  Source: Source: Office  |  Feb 05, 2010

For nearly three years I was hesitant to undergo tummy tuck surgery for three major reasons: First, fear of a bad experience (as I had in my first cesarean). Second, fear that it wouldn't come out as nice as seen in magazines (which appear retouched photos!). Third, fear that, after finishing the surgery, I would never again see the doctor who performed it. My mother-in-law had undergone rhinoplasty many years ago, and she encouraged me by saying that she had a good experience and that it helped her self- image. But most of importantly, she encouraged me to seek out the best doctor I could find. Well I found him. All those fears were ghosts that Dr. White scared away with his knowledge and personality. I am 1000% satisfied with all the professionalism of Dr. White. From the moment my husband and I entered the first consultation, we obtained the accurate information that we wanted. Our questions were answered without even asking! Jennifer, Meagan, and Shannon were always friendly and aware of everything. We were given detailed instructions in the manual, explaining all phases of surgery, before and after...which even described the roller coaster of emotions! Everything was there and very well explained, without forgetting any details. My pains were with me only in my stay in the hospital, and were well-controlled. For the other days I used just Tylenol and the other medicines as recommended in the instructions. In the hospital we felt very good when my husband and I got to see Dr. White later on the same day of the operation, and he showed us the immediate result of surgery. We could not believe my curves! That night Dr. White got me out of the hospital bed and helped me walk in the hall—I never expected that! The nurses were following all the instructions, but it was he who made me walk. Actually, I felt that everything was in perfect control. I do not think any nurse would have the patience and charisma to make me laugh at that critical moment --- he spoke to me in my walk and said, It's fun! Now I laugh again heartily and say I'd do it again, and I recommend it without any fear... if they say He is expensive I say No. Expensive is if they do badly and you have to do it again!!Not only do I have an excellent appearance but I also have a great motivation to live a better lifestyle. I love knowing that I can wear my skirts tight around my waist, like I was 20 years old. After the surgery I now use size 8 in pants and blouses in S, when before I wore 12-14 and L or XL, and all this in just 4 months – without yet starting a daily workout regimen! I just started again at the gym with walking and dancing, Zumba... and I'm super happy to wear the workout clothes to the gym that are always so tight. I feel very sexy, like I've actually done many abdominals! Thanks Dr. Steven White, I wish that God continues to enlighten him in his knowledge and his great work to make others happy!! More

Review (In Office)
Review from M. C.  |  Source: Source: Office  |  Dec 06, 2009

The first consultation with Dr. White was extremely friendly, informative, and entirely free of any pressure. Dr. White carefully and precisely examined me and gave me a detailed description of my options. All of my questions were answered enthusiastically and precisely. The follow up consultation experience was even better. Because of Dr. White's exceptional attention to detail, and outstanding enthusiasm to answer questions, the second consultation was all I needed, and the decision to go forward with my procedures was an easy one. The procedures themselves went off smoothly and perfectly. All procedures were explained to me in detail, as requested, and Dr. White's staff and the staff at Presbyterian Hospital Plano were exceptional. After the procedures, Dr. White even visited my in the recovery area at a very late hour to ensure I was doing well. The post-operative healing period was also superbly smooth. Thanks to Dr. White's explanations and thorough daily guides to medications and expectations, my recovery was quite comfortable and quick. At the first follow-up visit, only 6 days after surgery, my external nose splint came off along with some stitches. At the next follow-up visit the rest of the stitches and my internal nose splint came off as well. Recovery after this point continued to be easy thanks to Dr. White's well-planned post-op care guide. I continue to see Dr. White for occasional follow-up visits to track my process. Only 2 weeks after my procedure, I really liked the results. Now, after four months, I really love the results. My breathing feels ten times better, and the appearance is fantastic. The appearance today even matches some predictive Photoshop® pictures I created before surgery. I don't think the job by Dr. White could have been more perfect! I would easily and enthusiastically recommend Dr. White for any cosmetic procedure, especially for anything involving ENT (ears, nose, and throat) expertise. In fact, I have recommended Dr. White a couple of times already! More

Review (In Office)
Review from A. P.  |  Source: Source: Office  |  Nov 14, 2009

To begin with, I would like to send the deepest thanks to Dr. White and all of his staff. They each provided me with the utmost care and patience throughout the entire process. I was truly blessed to be in their hands. Since I was about three years old, I suffered from pretty severe year round allergies. Sneeze attacks were always the worst. I also experienced a lot of sinus pain and congestion. I tried countless allergy medicines, but the only thing that truly worked was Benadryl. The only problem was that when I would take Benadryl, I could not function because it would knock me out. Being as busy as I am with college and life itself I knew that my suffering had to stop. Another problem that I had noticed in recent years was that the center of my nose seemed to be slightly crooked. It was nothing unsightly, but it constantly bothered me. I was always self conscience when I was taking pictures or being recorded. I had a slight bump on my nose as well, and that bothered me from time to time, but not nearly as much as the crookedness. I had talked to my mom about all of these problems, but we were both scared to death of all of the bad things that might happen. We had also known people that had Rhinoplasty done and had horrific experiences. I did extensive research and somehow came across Dr. White. I had a really good feeling about him, so I decided to set up a consultation. The rest was history. Right away, I felt at ease with Dr. White and his staff. They were all so very warm and inviting. Dr. White really listened to each and every concern my mom and I had, and explained the entire procedure in a way we could easily understand. My main concerns were looking over done and being put under. However, when he stressed the point that he creates a nose to fit each unique face he works on, and that he only uses doctors to perform anesthesia, I knew I was in good hands. That afternoon, I decided to go through with it. The day of surgery came and went, and although it wasn't the most pleasant of times, my condition was never bad at all. I never fully bruised and I was never in too much pain. I was actually off the pain pills within a couple of days. I also learned from my mom that my surgery turned out to be more complicated than planned. However, Dr. White did not quit until everything was perfect. Within less than two weeks, I was just about back to my normal self. People could not believe that I had gone through all that I did. It was phenomenal! That wasn't the only great thing though. My allergies and sinus problems have been practically non-existent. My sneezing, sinus pressure, and congestion are gone. I have not had to take any allergy medicine since and it feels fantastic! Now here I am less than a month after surgery, and I look and feel fabulous! There is no visible scar and only minor puffiness. I have run into so many people and they do not have any idea that I have had a nose job. All the changes that happened, and yet I still look in the mirror and see me. The only difference is, it is a better me! I love my new look. I am no longer worried about taking pictures or people seeing me from the side. My confidence is so great now and I feel as though a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. It was such a small step for such a remarkable experience, and an even better ending! Dr. White's expertise and perfection are undoubtedly unsurpassed. From beginning to end, he has been with me every step of the way. The time he has taken with me in each follow-up visit to ensure optimal recovery is so encouraging. He has a passion for his work and takes much pride in it. Even more importantly however, he has just as much passion and pride in his patients. He is absolutely the finest doctor I have ever known or heard of. If I had to, there is no doubt that I would do it all over again. Thank you again Dr. White for all that you do to help so many people each and every day. There is no telling how many people you have provided with self-confidence, and that is something that is truly priceless. More

Review (In Office)
Review from K. P.  |  Source: Source: Office  |  Oct 12, 2009

I am absolutely thrilled with my cosmetic surgery and have nothing but good things to say about Dr. White. Knowing that I was in such capable, experienced hands alleviated all my fears and nerves regarding my rhinoplasty. His kind demeanor, thorough consultations, and extensive education and skill left me with no doubt that I had made the right choice in Dr. White. He not only made me look better and feel better --- but I can breathe better as well. What more can I ask for? He has found a patient in me for life! Should I ever require his services again I would not hesitate to do so. I cannot thank him enough and will also refer any friends and family to him as well! More

Review (In Office)
Review from C. M.  |  Source: Source: Office  |  Jul 23, 2009

I am so pleased with the results of my rhinoplasty. Not only do I look better and breathe better, but I feel I can go out into the world with more confidence. When I first met Dr. White, his fun, uplifting personality proved to me that he loves his job more than anything. And when you love what you do, life is so much more fulfilling. Dr. White is by far the most caring person in the world. He has proven his patients come first. Thank you Dr. White for everything! More

Review (In Office)
Review from K. F.  |  Source: Source: Office  |  Dec 10, 2008

When I decided that I was going to have breast augmentation I went to Dr. White because he had been referred to me by a young lady that had received Rhinoplasty from him. I was just beginning to look for a doctor and had two other referrals that I would be visiting. However, after my husband and I went to see Dr. White in his beautiful, relaxed office, I didn't want to even investigate another doctor. Why would I want to go to someone that makes me choose my final breast size? How can a patient choose that when I don't know what the final outcome would look like? Doctor White is so refined, confident, and reassuring that he knows the best look for each individual. I'm a very natural, athletic person and I didn't want people to immediately notice that I had breast surgery. I simply wanted nice full breasts after breast feeding two babies. After that initial consultation, I scheduled my surgery and didn't visit any other surgeons. I knew that I would be wasting my time with the others because I liked everything that Doctor White was about. The morning of surgery I was having normal hesitation and doubt in my decision to even have my breasts augmented and Doctor White reassured me with his relaxed demeanor and wit in the pre-op room. A few hours later it was over. When the swelling had gone down ... I had/have PERFECT breasts. They are full, symmetric and VERY natural --- not to mention beautiful! I get SO many people that say to me, you have perfect breasts! Why were you ever thinking of having an augmentation? When I tell them that I already had the surgery, they can't believe it because they look so natural. I will be returning next year for a mini tummy tuck! Thank you Dr. White!! More

Review (In Office)
Review from C. B.  |  Source: Source: Office  |  Oct 14, 2008

There is usually a silver lining to every cloud and, in my case, this is definitely true. Following a facial injury, I was lead to Dr. White and his wonderful care. Six weeks after nasal reconstruction with a rib graft, my nose looks better than ever (including a wonderful profile!) --- and I can breathe! Dr. White has shown caring and concern both pre and post op. He never rushes through an office visit and takes time to explain everything. Dr. White and his expertise have been a blessing to me. I have so much confidence in him that I'm planning on having elective cosmetic surgery. I consider him to be one of the best doctors I have ever had! Thank you again for such wonderful care! More

Review (In Office)
Review from C. M.  |  Source: Source: Office  |  Sep 17, 2008

Thank you for the excellent care you provided me and the awesome work you performed on my nose! You took time to answer all of my questions and put me at ease before surgery. Thanks for erasing all the broken noses I've received playing basketball. I appreciate all that you've done for me. More

Review (In Office)
Review from A. F.  |  Source: Source: Office  |  Jan 14, 2008

Since I can remember, I've always felt uncomfortable with my nose. It wasn't abnormally large, nor was its fault noticeable to others. But I found that it consumed my face! That nose was genetic evidence that I belonged in the family but seemed to resemble the noses solely belonging to the male relatives and not suitable for a teenage girl. I had always wanted surgery, but secretly, I was afraid that by altering my nose's appearance I would lose a part of my individuality, becoming yet another surgery clone. After talking with Dr. White my fears immediately subsided. With his ability to relate personally to me and because of his lack of preconceptions about how all noses should be, we were able to discuss the possibilities and the subtle changes that I desired. Dr. White isn't like the other doctors I visited in the sense that you are just another procedure. He genuinely cares about you as a person and is always available to answer any questions or concerns. This availability made my choice of surgery easier, and also facilitated the healing process with the knowledge that I could easily reach him, providing confidence with my choice of Dr. White as my doctor. Now eight weeks since surgery, I couldn't be happier! The bruising is gone, along with most of the swelling, but what is left is something I can't stop looking at! The changes were exactly what I wanted --- noticeable but subtle --- where a softer profile could make a world of difference. I have nothing to say but the utmost praise for Dr. White as a person and a plastic surgeon. His now seemingly unorthodox practice of providing personal attention to the patient allowed me to enter surgery confidently, and the results couldn't make me happier. So, thanks Dr. White, for such a great surgery and for an even better nose! I love it! More

Review (In Office)
Review from K. G.  |  Source: Source: Office  |  Sep 22, 2007

I went to two other Plastic Surgeons for consults prior to discovering you, Dr. White. While both seemed knowledgeable and capable of performing the procedures, I knew from the moment I met you that it would be you whom I chose to perform this life-changing surgery. Your sincerity, honesty, and friendly disposition were evident from the very start. Your obvious surgical expertise coupled with your ability to patiently explain all aspects of the surgery in understandable terms helped me decide that you were the doctor I would trust to take care of me. I am so happy with the results of my Rhinoplasty! Every time I look in the mirror I know I made the right decision. Your true passion for your work is evident by your personal care for your patients. Not many Doctors would take the time to go over each detail of the surgery and after care themselves and call to check up on me after surgery. Beyond your professional skill, your constant care and concern sets you apart from all other physicians. More

Review (In Office)
Review from A. S.  |  Source: Source: Office  |  Jan 28, 2007

Undergoing rhinoplasty by Dr. White was a pleasant and rewarding experience. I not only gained a desirable surgical result, I also gained a friendship with Dr. White and his staff. He was always available to answer any concerns or questions before and after surgery. His professionalism and thoroughness were appreciated and warrant my endorsement of his excellent medical services. More

Review (In Office)
Review from C. B.  |  Source: Source: Office  |  Nov 11, 2006

After my last 2 surgeries – first one in September 2007 – Upper Blepharoplasty and Brow Lift, and the second one in January 2008 – Face Lift and Lower Blepharoplasty, I have a much more positive self-image. The surgeries have boosted my self-confidence as well as making me feel younger. I don't even think of myself as being the age I actually am. With both these recent facial surgeries as well as the Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) that was done 3 years ago, I am also inspired to take better care of myself. This includes watching my diet as well as exercise – my goal is to enjoy the maximum benefit of these surgeries. I wouldn't have trusted any other plastic surgeon to do these surgeries – I have full confidence in you, Dr. White, and your skills/expertise. You pay close attention to detail to have the best outcomes and prevent any complications. You show concern for all your patients and treat them as individuals. Your talent and skills are awesome! I also want to add that I am still thrilled with the outcome from the nose surgeries following my facial injuries several years ago. I'm still in awe not only of the surgical outcome but of your excellent repair of the nose and lip lacerations --- the scars are barely visible. Thank you again, Dr. White, for all you have done for me --- I feel blessed that I found you as a surgeon! PS - Your staff is great too. They are always very friendly and pleasant. More

Review (In Office)
Review from N. I.  |  Source: Source: Office  |  Apr 14, 2006

I made the decision to have my surgery done by Dr. White immediately after the first consultation I had with him. Unlike the other surgeons I met with, Dr. White immediately put my fears about surgery to rest. He made me feel comfortable and excited about having surgery and the results that would follow. Dr. White not only embraced the many questions I had, he offered me answers to questions I had not even thought to ask. For someone who has a real phobia of needles and surgery of any kind, I was amazed by how relaxed and assured I felt about having surgery done by Dr. White. I really feel that Dr. White shows a level of concern that is rarely seen in most professionals today. I love my new nose! I feel more confident with my new appearance and I can breathe much better as well. I am happy to say that I have not once suffered from the kind of intense allergies I had before surgery. Having had a complicated surgery of a Rhinoplasty, Septoplasty and Turbinoplasty all done at the same time, I continued to feel relief for having had chosen Dr. White. His team and staff are equally impressive. The anesthesiologist was great and the staff was very friendly. Thank you so much Dr. White! You have made an incredibly positive impact on the rest of my life! If my family members or I ever decide to have surgery in the future, we will definitely come to you again! More

Review (In Office)
Review from T. T.  |  Source: Source: Office  |  Apr 02, 2006

Thank you for taking the time to get everything just right Dr. White. Your willingness to take the time to explain the procedure and the outcome in detail made me very comfortable with you and the surgery I was going to have. Thank you also for all of your patience when it came to my needs and desire to have you understand that as a man, I did not want to end up, after surgery, with features that looked too feminine or not natural. Your expertise and experience is evident even at this early stage. I would have to say you are not only a great plastic surgeon but also a great artist! Thanks again for everything! More

Review (In Office)
Review from B. S.  |  Source: Source: Office  |  Nov 02, 2005

Wow! What amazing results! I am truly grateful and very pleased. Dr. White is an ENT as well as a plastic surgeon and the results show his expertise. I was especially pleased with the amount of time he took with me personally to go over all the questions and concerns I had. Thank you Dr. White for a job well done! More

Review from Anonymous  |  Source: RateMDs  |  Apr 11, 2016

Dr. White is an amazing surgeon with great bed side manner. His pre and post operative care was exactly what was needed. I labored over this procedure of Rhinoplasty for 10 years and wish I would have done it when I first decided to back then. Post op by 7 months I still feel the same. The outcome was exactly what I wanted and needed and the outcome continues to validate itself. Its been 7 months and is still healing and should take about 2 years to feel completely normal and 4 years for its ultimate state. Its worth the wait and now having done it I should have done it sooner. Do your homework, interview other surgeons but include Dr. White in your options. In the end I think you will be impressed by his approach and tenacity for doing it right the first time. I would definitely recomend him to anyone considering surgery. More

Review from M.H.  |  Source: Insiderpages  |  Jan 07, 2012

rhinoplasty - I could not be more pleased with my overall experience with Dr. White! He sincerely cared not only about what I had to say as a patient, but my happiness as a person. The same goes for his office staff, they're great. Dr. White is definitely a perfectionist when it comes to his work, and I could not be happier with the outcome of my rhinoplasty. I can finally breathe normally, my allergies are virtually gone, along with the bump that I used to have on my nose. I love it! The pain of the procedure and the recovery was minimal, and the hospital nurses could not have been more attentive to me afterwards. From my initial consultation to my follow-up visits, Dr. White was incredibly professional and kind, and I would recommend him to others without hesitation. More

Review (In Office)
Review from D. R.  |  Source: Source: Office  |  Nov 27, 2011

Well Dr. White...where to start? I guess with the initial meeting. I liked the time you spent explaining, or teaching, me what exactly would be involved in the surgery. I could tell you love to teach. You didn't tell me what was wrong with my nose --- but asked me what I saw. Other doctors had pointed out this flaw or that --- neither of which I had ever noticed --- but then became acutely aware. Thank you for doing it the way you do. You are very thorough. Thank you for taking so much time on my nose in the OR. I think it was a difficult case on which you achieved great results. I'm very pleased with how well I breathe & how pretty it looks. I will sing your praises and recommend you highly to my friends and family (and maybe even just strangers that need your services)! More

Review (In Office)
Review from D. F.  |  Source: Source: Office  |  May 04, 2010

I interviewed several doctors prior to my appointment with Dr. White. I never dreamed what an education he would give me. The pain was so minimal --- and the results are great! Dr. White was highly recommended and now I know why --- his concern and sincere manner is something I've never seen in a doctor. I would recommend him to my friends and I will definitely return to Dr. White for any other cosmetic surgery. More

Review (In Office)
Review from L. M.  |  Source: Source: Office  |  Apr 26, 2009

Thank you for being so professional and thorough before, during, and after my surgery. I am very pleased with my results. I'm so glad I made the decision to have a rhinoplasty. It has greatly changed my self-confidence. Thank you! More

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