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Double board-certified Dallas, TX plastic surgeon, Dr. Steven J. White MD, is dedicated to providing patients with an unforgettable plastic surgery experience. Consistently listed as a “Top Doc” and touted among the best plastic surgeons in the Dallas area, Dr. White believes there are no shortcuts to experience, training and knowledge. His patients, who travel far and wide to have plastic surgery under his hands, agree. We are happy to share their experiences and patient stories with you here so that you can gain additional insight and get to know Dr. White a little better. We hope you find these patient testimonials helpful as you make this very important decision.

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Review from E.  |  Source: RealSelf  |  Sep 08, 2014

35 Year Old, Had Severe, Deep Nasolabial Folds, Smile Lines. Dallas, TX - I just got my nasolabial folds, smilelines, injected with 2 syringes of juvederm. I wasn't nervous since I really needed this and wanted it bad. I just always looked mad or tired when I wasn't smiling. Lately I was getting really self conscious and I started to put my hands around my mouth or over it when I talked to people face to face. I made the appointment with the plastic surgeon who did my breast augmentation. I needed 2 syringes since they were so deep. First syringe was $600, 2nd was $500. I first got there and my surgeon took several pictures of my face, he then put a numbing cream on my smile lines. That took about 30 minutes to numb it all. He then started to inject. The actual injection didn't not hurt. The needle is so thin that you can barely feel it. He did like 4-5 pokes on each side. That process took about 15 minutes. I had very minimal bleeding out of a poke but that was it. I left as soon as he was done. That night I did feel uncomfortable and there was a little bit of pain, I'm assuming after all the needles pokes. The next morning I was swollen with very little bruising. I did think to myself, why did I do this! Why?! I was swollen for about 2 days. The swelling did go down thankfully. I have noticed that my skin is very dry where the juvederm was injected. Not sure if that's a side affect. Today is day 4 and as of right now I am happy with the results. I feel better about myself, looked more refreshed :) More

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