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Reviews for Brow Lift Procedures in Dallas, TX

Double board-certified Dallas, TX plastic surgeon, Dr. Steven J. White MD, is dedicated to providing patients with an unforgettable plastic surgery experience. Consistently listed as a “Top Doc” and touted among the best plastic surgeons in the Dallas area, Dr. White believes there are no shortcuts to experience, training and knowledge. His patients, who travel far and wide to have plastic surgery under his hands, agree. We are happy to share their experiences and patient stories with you here so that you can gain additional insight and get to know Dr. White a little better. We hope you find these patient testimonials helpful as you make this very important decision.

Review (In Office)
Review from S. X.  |  Source: Source: Office  |  Jul 27, 2006

It has been six months since I had breast augmentation with Dr. White. I really like the results. Dr. White has a unique communication style that is warm, personal, and supportive. He took time to listen to and discuss on my preferences and chose the size that turned out to be just right. He did not ask for specific volume in numbers --- I would have been lost after reading online. I understood much better that each person is different. It is the final result that counts. After six months, the implants feel very natural as part of my own body. I had two children. Before the procedure, I wore 32A, with a lot of padding. It was clumsy in the summer. Now I can wear many dresses that I couldn't before. I wish I had the procedure done many years ago. My friends are jealous of my new sexy body. I feel that my waist looks thinner, as well. The office staff is very friendly and nice. I like them. The post-operative care was great. More

Review (In Office)
Review from C. B.  |  Source: Source: Office  |  Nov 11, 2006

After my last 2 surgeries – first one in September 2007 – Upper Blepharoplasty and Brow Lift, and the second one in January 2008 – Face Lift and Lower Blepharoplasty, I have a much more positive self-image. The surgeries have boosted my self-confidence as well as making me feel younger. I don't even think of myself as being the age I actually am. With both these recent facial surgeries as well as the Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) that was done 3 years ago, I am also inspired to take better care of myself. This includes watching my diet as well as exercise – my goal is to enjoy the maximum benefit of these surgeries. I wouldn't have trusted any other plastic surgeon to do these surgeries – I have full confidence in you, Dr. White, and your skills/expertise. You pay close attention to detail to have the best outcomes and prevent any complications. You show concern for all your patients and treat them as individuals. Your talent and skills are awesome! I also want to add that I am still thrilled with the outcome from the nose surgeries following my facial injuries several years ago. I'm still in awe not only of the surgical outcome but of your excellent repair of the nose and lip lacerations --- the scars are barely visible. Thank you again, Dr. White, for all you have done for me --- I feel blessed that I found you as a surgeon! PS - Your staff is great too. They are always very friendly and pleasant. More

Review (In Office)
Review from S. S.  |  Source: Source: Office  |  Nov 21, 2006

Dr. White (alias, The Miracle Worker) performed extended lower eyelid surgery and a modified hairline brow lift on me in February. Ten weeks later I returned for a face lift with neck lift. You have to understand that during my lifetime I have had only 2 surgeries and do not even like the idea of any doctor cutting on me. But, somehow Dr. White has such a gift when treating his patients that you are completely at ease with him and have no doubts in his remarkable abilities. His knowledge, patience, sense of humor, respect for people and his love for what he does is what puts him above any doctor. You know you are in good hands when the anesthesiologist and nurses tell you that they prefer working with Dr. White over any other doctor because of his perfection during and after surgery. They say he always takes his time and will not rush during surgery so it is performed right the first time. After the first surgery, my husband called me his younger woman. After the second surgery, my husband now calls me his child bride --- even though I am 64 and have been married 45 years!! Thank you Dr. White, you and your staff are the best! More

Review (In Office)
Review from C. M.  |  Source: Source: Office  |  Dec 30, 2006

When I first came in for my consultation, I was unsure if the outcome would finally be the one I wanted. After three previous surgeries by other doctors for Breast Augmentation, I was definitely disappointed. Dr. White did not disappoint me. He greatly exceeded my expectations in every way. I now look better than I did 20 years ago! I was unaware that my body could ever look this way ... after 3 babies. There is no other doctor I would ever recommend to anyone except Dr. White. The care I received in the hospital and personally from him was over and above what I expected. He is a perfectionist. What could be better in a Plastic Surgeon? More

Review (In Office)
Review from M. B.  |  Source: Source: Office  |  Apr 02, 2007

I'm fifty-nine and have known for several years that I wanted to have plastic surgery on my face. I could not seem to move forward with the surgery because I could not make a decision on a doctor. After doing a lot of research and getting more and more confused, I asked my niece who is a RN at Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas to help me. She asked every doctor she trusted what plastic surgeon they would recommend. Every doctor she talked to said Dr. White because of his surgical results due to his careful attention to detail. After my initial consultation with Dr. White, my decision was definitely made. I had several pre-op appointments with him which gave me a chance to get to know him and to become more and more confident in my decision to have the surgery. I realized that his goal was not just a good result, but a natural-looking good result with no complications. I went in with the idea that I would have my upper and lower eyelids done along with a face lift. Dr. White suggested adding a brow lift and doing the surgery in two phases. He said a brow lift would have the most dramatic effect and that breaking up the surgery into two phases (1) brow lift, upper and lower eyelids and (2) face lift would maximize the good result. I was reluctant, but he convinced me. As a result of my eye exam, Dr. White decided that he should only do the brow lift and upper eyelids in the first surgery and the lower eyelids and face lift in the second surgery. By separating the eyelid surgeries I would be minimizing my chances for complications. I was very, very disappointed because my lower eyelids were my biggest problem area and I thought that the results of the first surgery would be barely noticeable. My son was getting married between surgeries and I wanted to look my best. Immediately after surgery, I was very glad he talked me into separating the surgeries. I realized that my recovery was going to be so much easier dealing with the upper eyelids only. As far as my idea that the results would be barely noticeable --- I was wrong. I went to a party a few weeks after surgery. Everyone at the party had something positive to say about how good I looked without most of them knowing that I had had surgery. My second surgery is in two weeks. I can't wait! More

Review (In Office)
Review from T. S.  |  Source: Source: Office  |  May 21, 2010

I am a 40 year old registered nurse, former research scientist, and former quality assurance analyst. I have had nine surgeries, six of which have been cosmetic. I went to one board certified plastic surgeon for liposuction; after two attempts and $20,000, he still didn't get it right. Next, I had a rhinoplasty by another plastic surgeon that checked out under investigation --- but this surgery has worsened my breathing problem. I then proceeded to have breast implants and a mini tummy tuck with another very reputable board certified surgeon. I woke from surgery with extreme itching yet was sent home after surgery. By the next day while at home, the skin on my abdomen was sloughing off like I had been burned chemically. We called the surgeon. He was very professional and handled the incident as quickly as he could. Please note however that if I had this procedure done at a facility where there were nurses to observe me overnight --- a hospital --- my medical treatment would have been expedited exponentially. After much upset, my face was beginning to show serious aging around the eyes and forehead. I proceeded with the usual diligence with research and tons of questions, but was absolutely terrified of having another board certified 'yahoo' cut on my most beloved feature: my eyes..... Until I met Dr. White. He was so excited about doing my surgery and detected my over-amplified and frequently expressed fears of surgery. He remained positive, upbeat and energetic. Dr. White had given me back that same sparkle that I had as a teenager --- and I am forever grateful for his mastery of his domain! My writing skills are inadequate to describe what this man has done for me and the way I feel about myself. More

Review (In Office)
Review from M. M.  |  Source: Source: Office  |  Sep 24, 2010

Dr. White's commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of his practice. He demands perfection in himself and makes every effort to ensure that the pre-surgical and post-surgical care of his patients is addressed with exacting attention to detail. You cannot find a better or more committed surgeon than Dr. White. His skills are top-rate and his follow-up care is phenomenal. I would trust him with the most delicate and complicated procedures. No one is more concerned about patient satisfaction and a successful outcome than Dr. White. More

Review (In Office)
Review from S. S.  |  Source: Source: Office  |  Oct 05, 2010

Thank you Dr. White for the attention to detail on my brow lift and eye surgery. You and your staff's personal attention before, during, and after the surgery are beyond belief. I have never felt this comfortable in a doctor's office in my life! After carefully listening to me about my concerns regarding the brow lift and eye surgery, you created the actual results that I was looking for. My husband is very excited about having a younger woman around and we are both looking forward to the next stage of our journey with you. Thanks again for everything --- you are truly amazing! More

Review (In Office)
Review from S. S.  |  Source: Source: Office  |  Nov 17, 2010

My cosmetic surgery experience was all positive. I still have a hard time getting use to all the attention that I receive from you and your staff. Your patience in explaining all the steps before, during, and after surgery is truly amazing. The follow-up care and appointments on time is not something that you generally receive from doctors any more. Not once did you or your staff make me feel that all my questions were stupid or taking up too much of your time. The few after hour calls were returned within 2-3 minutes. The personal calls from you to check up on me really meant a lot to me and my husband. The new look has turned back time and has helped me to face the older years with a new sense of pride. You fulfilled your promise to me that I would have a relaxed look --- not pulled and tight. Others have noticed a change in me but won't ask. They say that I must be doing something right to look so good. I have told four friends about my cosmetic surgery and they are all very impressed with the right look. They all wanted to know who the greatest plastic surgeon is. There is no question in my mind and heart that you are truly the greatest doctor there is! More

Review (In Office)
Review from S. S.  |  Source: Source: Office  |  Mar 24, 2011

Thank you so much for making me look as good on the outside, as I feel on the inside. You did an amazing job with my facelift and tummy tuck. It looks so natural that I forget I even had plastic surgery. I have been so pleased with my results --- it is better than I could have ever expected! I looked for three years for a plastic surgeon and wasn't pleased with what I heard or saw --- until I researched further and found you. You are the absolute best in your field. My family and friends are still looking for scars that have faded away, which in my case, disappeared a lot sooner than I ever expected. They all say I look younger and better than ever. The before and after care you and your staff provided was wonderful. You made sure all my questions were answered. I felt very comfortable throughout the whole process, beginning to end. Several people have asked me my opinion about plastic surgery, and if I would do it again. My answer, of course, is yes, yes, yes. It's been terrific! I tell them if they choose to have 'any' plastic surgery done at all, Dr. White is the only plastic surgeon in the country to go to. They won't have to worry at all --- everything will be done to perfection. The only regret I have is that I didn't find you sooner, after going through so many other doctors, and wasting a lot of time. YOU ARE THE BEST! My husband and I both want to thank you for all you've done for me. We appreciate you very much. I have been very blessed to have found such an amazing doctor as you. God Bless You! More

Review from E.G.  |  Source: Insiderpages  |  May 31, 2011

EG - If you are reading this, I can only imagine that you are researching and contemplating having plastic surgery performed. I hope this helps! For years I have thought and talked about having something done - "when I needed it"! The most daunting questions were when and WHO?Last November, I went in for my yearly mamogram and was told I should speak to a plastic sugeon.... one of my implants had ruptured. It was close to Christmas and the very last thing I wanted to deal with, at that moment! It is virtually impossible for me to go down a path like that of surgery without extensive research!!By the first of 2011, I was resigned to the fact that I must take care of having a breast augmentation, as had been advised.... Which answers the when??? After much research and deliberation, from NYC to California, I chose Dr. Steven J. White. Which answers the WHO! His credentials are impeccable and once you meet with him, you discover that not only is he a brilliant surgeon pursuing excellence, but also a very energetic, positive and passionate doctor in pursuit of YOUR best interest! An attentive listener and articulate communicator, he and his wonderful staff informed me about every aspect of this journey ( pre-op, surgery and post-op ). They answered all questions that I had and totally removed the "fear of the unknown."After the initial surgery, I was so very impressed with the respect, admiration and highest regard that the nursing staff and hospital staff held for Dr. White. Well deserved... I now know he has the eye, skills and patience of a true artisan. His calling was surgery, it could have been sculpture or any number of finely executed mediums.Since then, I was so delighted with the above surgery, there was no hesitation in electing to have Dr. White perform a brow lift, upper and lower eye lid surgery. I took this next step very seriously, this was a much more emotional surgery for me. The face is the first thing that greets my family and friends. I am so pleased that I made that decision. Again, I have been consistantly impressed with Dr. White's never ending dedication to his work and his patients. Thank you Dr. White and staff!! More

Review from C.F.  |  Source: Insiderpages  |  May 31, 2011

I am a current patient of Dr. Steven White (3 weeks post op-Brow lift) and I am so thrilled with my results and with Dr. White. I can honestly say Dr. White embodies all the attributes desired in a Plastic Surgeon. I originally selected? More

Review (In Office)
Review from L. B.  |  Source: Source: Office  |  Nov 24, 2011

People can't believe I am as old as I am, but they cannot tell of any surgery performed. Dr. White's expertise is apparent in the surgery he performed on me, not too tight—just right! More

Review (In Office)
Review from R. B.  |  Source: Source: Office  |  May 12, 2012

Dr. White is a true artist. The staff in the office are very compassionate and caring and all helped ease my transition into the new me. My friends were amazed at my eyes. I no longer look tired and stressed out. I feel fortunate to have chosen Dr. White. More

Review (In Office)
Review from K. B.  |  Source: Source: Office  |  Jun 03, 2012

I am writing to express my deepest thanks to Dr. White for the Brow Lift surgery that was performed at Presbyterian Hospital of Plano earlier this month. I am very pleased with the outcome of my surgery and by the professional demeanor that you displayed during the entire process ... from the initial consultation to aftercare. As a fellow physician, I asked several other health care providers prior to choosing a plastic surgeon and the overwhelming response was that you were the best plastic surgeon in Dallas. I was impressed with your thoroughness in the consultation and personal approach to my care. I think your perfectionism and Do the right thing for the patient approach is unparalleled in your field and I plan on referring others to you with confidence in the future. This was a great experience. More

Review (In Office)
Review from K. K.  |  Source: Source: Office  |  Jan 23, 2014

The confidence and faith I put in you, Dr. White, surpassed my expectations. What a blessing to the patient, that you hold yourself to such a high standard. I also realized in this process that you are extremely cautious and protective, which made me feel safe. I could not be happier with the results of my cosmetic surgery and nose surgery. Thank you so much for better health and self-confidence. I truly believe you have a God given gift to restore people to their youth. How wonderful to be able to breathe and not be hypersensitive to allergies! More

Review from S.D.  |  Source: Google  |  Jan 30, 2014

I am 59 and thought about a facelift for years before I did anything about it. I was petrified of having that "artificial" look! I thoroughly did my research on several top Plastic Surgeons and narrowed it down to three. I read everything I could get my hands on plus every review on all three doctors. I was very impressed with Dr. White's technique of precision surgery and it was reassuring to read all of the positive reviews. Everything I read became a reality for me. My Brow Lift and Lower Bleph was done on Oct.15 and you can barely see the scar. I never took anything stronger than liquid Tylenol and that was only on the first day. I couldn't wait to have the facelift done! I thought what a difference just the brow had made! We waited until Jan 10 to let the brow settle and I had the same experience with my facelift. I am only two and half weeks out from surgery, but scars are slight and you would never know I just had surgery. Again, only one day of liquid Tylenol! I can't express how dedicated Dr. White is to his profession. He is the "BEST of the BEST!" He is down to earth and makes you feel comfortable asking any question and I love the fact that he thinks outside the box. If there was going to be a problem he would find it before it ever happened. He will not quit until he gets it right. His Professional Staff is made up of five ladies that are as beautiful inside as out. They are all there to answer all your questions and give you the much needed moral support. A surgery like this gives you tremendous anxiety, but Dr. White is gifted with incredible bedside manner. He holds your hand and you trust him implicitly! The follow-up care is extraordinary - YOU are always seen by Dr. White himself. My face looks so natural - just a younger me! The wrinkles and jowls are gone! I could not be happier with my results and my decision as a perfectionist to seek out a perfectionist to be my Plastic Surgeon. Dr. White received an appointment to West Point and declined because he knew he wanted to study medicine. God has blessed him abundantly with every attribute you would ever ask for in a doctor. If you want a PS who genuinely cares about his patients and treats them like family, has flawless character and will be your "Soul Mate" through this journey - you have found your doctor. It is a leap of faith and I thank God I jumped off with Dr. White! More

Review from J.R.  |  Source: Google  |  Jan 30, 2014

Absolutely love Dr. White and the whole team!!! I had been morbidly obese most of my life. Found a trainer, went through all the hard work of diet and exercise for about 4 years and at the end I was super happy with being smaller and wearing smaller sizes, being able to move and being athletic. HOWEVER... I had a LOT of extra skin. Every time I saw it it made me feel fat. It looked gross and considering all the work I had put in... it still looked like I didn't work out. Fact is, there is a point where you cannot diet / exercise certain things away, and that's where I was. I also had decided during this process that I wanted to compete in fitness and all that pudgy looking extra skin would have to go. So I did lots of research, talked to lots of surgeons' offices/docs and read about choosing a surgeon, looked at before & after pics and started to notice that results were not the same some looked kinda bad even though they were promoting their results. I worked really hard to have abs, I wanted them to show! I wanted a well placed incision so I could wear a bikini, and it was getting kinda scary... then I found Dr White's website. As a side note: If you are going to a Plastic Surgeon, you are spending a good deal of money for a voluntary procedure. You should be treated a certain amount of special, not primadona special but special. Some Dallas docs treat you slightly or not even better than a free clinic. Pretty sure Dr. White ends up fixing their work ;-) Okay, so here's why I love the whole Dr White practice: Every person is a professional and is caring and concerned about your mental and physical well being. Jennifer painstakingly lays out all the prep work before your surgery so you know what to do, have on hand and expect! Never seen this before, ever! Whenever you call Jasmine, Jennifer, everyone... all super helpful and knowledgeable. Even the surgical team who you really only consciously spend a few minutes with are awesome and memorable! How does one man pull such an amazing team together? Okay about Dr. White: he is a perfectionist, and who doesn't want that in a plastic surgeon?!?!?! He is brilliant, witty, enthusiastic and so caring. I was scared about having this surgery but I knew I would lose motivation to workout everyday and eat the way I needed to if I didn't get rid of the icky extra skin and lax tone of my midsection. When I visited Dr. White they were honest and clear about where my head needed to be and that I should be able to maintain my weight to follow through. I had checked the after pics and he was the ONLY surgeon who had tummy tuck patients with contour on their abs and midsection... the ONLY one! I was shocked! I had worked too hard to develop strong abs for them to never show! BTW, every step of the way, my husband was looking over my shoulder to make sure that I was not taking chances or being reckless in any way with my health. So when we met Dr. White and both felt he was the Doc for me, that was a HUGE hurdle! I was scared to have any surgery and Dr White and the ladies there made me realize that was kinda silly, the worrying was on them, the prep and healing parts were my part, with their assistance. The perfectionist in Dr White is amazing and consistent, in your visits in the office, the OR and hospital. The hospital staff is even aware of his perfectionism, great results and detail to every single procedure including getting you out of bed with this procedure. The incision is perfectly placed, my stomach has never looked better, there were some extra bonuses to my procedure that make me super tickled with the results. I am so very happy with my midsection that I recently went back to Dr White to have my eyes and brow lifted. If you are considering a tummy tuck at whatever age (did I mention I'm 56?) be sure to check out Dr White and his team. More

Review from S.G.  |  Source: Google  |  Jan 30, 2014

I am a male patient who turned 50 this summer. I decided to have something done. After two visits and consulting with other surgeons, I knew Dr. White was the one for me. He suggested and performed a brow lift with a modified hairline. The procedure takes longer and is a little more expensive than a cookie-cutter brow lift, but the results are amazing after just one month. This man knows how to do it right, no doubt. My hairline has remained in the same position while the excess was removed from the forehead area. Amazing lift. Truly amazing. This is a talented doctor who has an attentive staff. The whole thing has been such a positive, personable experience. I think he has terrific insight and talent. More

Review from L.L.  |  Source: Google  |  Jun 30, 2014

Excellence, precision, methodical, thoughtful, conservative, trustworthy...these are just a few words that come to mind when describing Dr. White. I met Dr. White several years ago when first considering facial rejuvenation. Of course, I had consulted with several surgeons, however what a difference when I went to USA Plastic Surgery. While others recommended one surgery involving three different procedures, Dr. White's plan was to proceed more cautiously, especially since I suffer with severe dry eye. I must admit I initially questioned the discrepancy between Dr. White and "the others," yet realized his careful approach was the wisest and truly the most pro-consumer. He has performed a brow lift, eye lift, and lower face/neck lift. Dr. White provided detailed, supportive after-care. His office staff is always been very friendly as well as helpful and accommodating. Dr. White et al. deserve an A+ - I highly recommend him for any procedure you may be considering. In any profession, there are "the good, the bad, and the ugly" - Dr. White is not only in the "good" category, he is the BEST!! More

Review from E.  |  Source: RealSelf  |  Jul 23, 2014

Pay It Forward - My "Lift" Story - Dallas, TX - Dr. Steven White is simply SUPERIOR in effort put forth to educate patients, and give honest appraisals of what would be most effective and safe for me. Most importantly he has a high degree of competence (world class ! !- dual board certifications !) and tons of experience in and passion for precision plastic surgery. He and his staff went above and beyond to schedule my surgery in a premier facility in Dallas in the time frame needed. I literally received a custom made book telling me exactly how to prepare, a detailed schedule explaining the medications and procedure, and a resource to refer to throughout my healing process that anticipated questions and concerns I would have. My complete confidence and happiness with the result stems from the esteem that he is held in by his professional colleagues, nurses, and his patients as well as Dr. White's sincere manner and "giftedness" as a surgeon. He strives for nothing short of excellence in every aspect of your care: safety, comfort, choice of his surgical team and finally your best aesthetic and medical result. Healing has gone very well and the results have given me exactly what I hoped for - a natural but more refreshed, youthful look and less obstruction of my vision by drooping eyelids and brow. He is a “national treasure” in his field, which he loves doing. And it shows !.Now I feel even more empowered to make these years the best years of my life, and give other’s a “lift” too. More

Review (In Office)
Review from J.G.  |  Source: Citysearch  |  Sep 18, 2014

I first met Dr. White ten years ago when I suffered a severe injury to my upper lip. My face was cut from the bottom of my nose to the inside of my upper lip. Taken to the emergency room a plastic surgeon was called.. To my immense good fortune, Dr. White was soon at my bedside preparing to put my upper lip back together.. I was impressed by his communication skills, as he put me at ease, describing what he had to do.. He then began his work, and ever so carefully began to close a gaping wound with the finest of stitches. Later as I healed, there was never the least hint of a scar.. Whats more, he did not know me, I was just a nameless person in need of his God given skill. I remarked to my husband that if I ever had a need for a plastic surgeon I would return to him. Fast forward to this fall.. My eyelids had over the years began to droop, to the point of actually interfering with my vision.. not to mention the effect the condition had upon my appearance. I made an appointment for a consultation. I was immediately impressed by the sensitivity and kindness all of his office and nursing professionals possessed.. In a word, professional is the only way to describe them… kind, considerate, and patient… also come to mind.. After being examined and having many of my questions answered, I committed to a brow and eyelid lift… Personally, I have always taken great care of my appearance and I was very concerned that what ever Dr. White did.. it would look Natural. On that and subsequent visits, he went to great length to describe all facets of the procedures, and assure me that I would have a great outcome.. Today, several months after my surgery, I look in the mirror and see a twenty year younger version looking back at me.. The results are simply amazing… My husband as well, praises and called attention to the remarkable transformation.. and yes, the best I can say about all of the work, is you would never know, I had anything done… to me, that is the highest compliment one could pay. Dr. White is more than a plastic surgeon, he is an artist, and a perfectionist that takes great pride in his work… Given the time for each procedure, he most likely sees fewer patients than others. To those he does work with, they have the undivided attention of Dr. White and his entire staff.. They really do care, and it shows… I recommend without reservation, Dr. White.. I look better, feel better and am thrilled with the overall experience.. More

Review from J.B.  |  Source: Google  |  Dec 30, 2014

I have had many procedures with Dr. White. NO OTHER SURGEON WILL EVER TOUCH ME. I currently underwent a brow lift w/ lower blepharoplasty (lower eyelids). After a photo shoot I noticed my eyes looked "hidden," if you will. After the brow/blephs, my eyes literally pop! I feel better & cannot wait for another photo shoot so I may highlight my face! It wasn't painful and I was back in the public in about a week. The minimal bruising I had, I was able to cover with make up if I needed to. As always, I will continue to send friends, clients and strangers to Dr. White. Jazmin is a wealth of information. If you have questions, she is your gal! Actually my mother saw me two weeks after the surgery & she kept looking at me, but couldn't figure out what was different. That is what I was going for - subtle. Friends and family tell me I look more awake and happy. More importantly than that, I feel more awake & happy! The bags under my eyes were starting to bother me but now they have packed up & moved on! Whatever you do, do not hesitate to see Dr. White. He will not compromise your health or physical appearance just to get you to operate. If there is a reason NOT to operate, he will find it! Your overall well-being is his highest priority. He is very caring, open & honest. He has the best bedside manner of any physician you will ever meet. The office has my permission to tell about my surgeries, experiences, etc. Should you need someone to speak with, patient-wise, about this surgery, the tummy tuck, liposuction or breast augmentation, let the gals know & they will connect us! More

Review (In Office)
Review from A.G.  |  Source: Citysearch  |  Jan 09, 2015

I found Dr. White's name in a magazine on the airplane. I looked him up when I got home and read reviews so I made the appointment. Dr. White was great. I am 66 and had my upper eyelids done and a brow lift. I wanted to have my lower lids done but was advised not to do so at the same time because of dry eyes. Dr. White assured me that I would be happy with the results due to the brow lift. He was right. Dr. White is a fun Dr. to talk to. He is always very positive. The recovery was not easy but I realise now that the staff prepared me. I don't know that anyone can really prepare you for the extreme discomfort but the results were good. Now that it has been 6 months since the surgery I am really happy. All the discomforts are gone away and there are no scars visible. Only your hairdresser will know. Great Dr. and great staff. I just say if you are going to get a brow lift do it before you are my age. I thought about doing it sooner but could not take out the time to do it. Now I need something done to my neck! More

Review from L.  |  Source: RealSelf  |  Jan 15, 2015

The Final Lift of my Facial Surgeries: Rhytidectomy - Dallas, TX - Dr. White is one of the most gifted and precision surgeons I have ever known. After my complete satisfaction with my first procedure of a combination Brow Lift and hairline modification, with a lower blepharoplasty, I knew without a doubt I wished to have Dr. White to correct several aging issues and a defect of one of my eyelids (one drooped more than the other). I was a little over sixty for the first procedure. Several life issues prevented my completing my cosmetic journey until 6 days ago when Dr. white performed by rhytidectomy or face lift of the neck upward to the eyes. This is recommended to ensure the optimal "natural" look and I would certainly endorse following the path Dr. White suggests as he is truly a gifted surgeon who has perfected his techniques to ensure the best optimal outcome. I have had no bruising with this very invasive procedure. My sutures are so incredibly small, that I am not at all reticent to be out and about even without makeup. I am incredibly pleased with the results at only 6 days post operative procedure! The deep lines around my nose, the sagging mouth, jowls and sagging skin of the neck are no more! The results are truly remarkable that this wonderful surgeon achieves. He is so very thorough with his preoperative work, the surgery itself, and then is extremely attentive afterward to ensure that no detail escapes his oversight and care. He is truly a very gifted surgeon and cares deeply that his patients are provided the best care and results. Dr. White is the only cosmetic surgeon I would recommend to anyone wanting to have a procedure. I personally know women who have had disastrous results, even life threatening issues occur. My husband and I consider Dr. White to be one of those rare surgeons who manifests extreme talent and attention to every detail; yet, is personable and kind. Though he performs many surgeries; he approaches each case with exuberance and a true personal investment in the outcome; for in fact, I and others illustrate his work ethic daily. More

Review from Anonymous  |  Source: RateMDs  |  Jan 16, 2015

Dr. Steven White has provided me with a wonderful feeling about my look. I am 6 days post my third procedure to complete my look. I had a receding hairline with an extremely high forehead, drooping brows, upper lids, one lid that drooped more than the other, puffiness under my lower lids, sagging jowls, deep lines in and around my nose and mouth. I undertook all these procedures to ensure I had a natural look, without the stretched look that I have seen on some cosmetic patients. Dr.White has perfected his surgeries to ensure the best results for any procedure he performs. I knew after the first surgery, that I would never allow another surgeon to perform a cosmetic procedure on me. He is attentive to every detail prior to surgery, during surgery, and after the procedure ensuring optimal results. His surgical results are truly amazing and he is dedicated to best practices in his field. With a new fresh look it is impossible not to smile with confidence: "Smile and the world smiles with you." Dr. White is the only cosmetic surgeon I would recommend to someone seeking to improve their appearance. More

Review from L.J.  |  Source: Google  |  Jan 16, 2015

I had always been unhappy with the increasing wrinkles on my face. I felt I was being "vain and selfish" to consider spending money on cosmetic surgery; however, I was spending thousands a year on skin care products and non invasive procedures with very little results. I mentioned my displeasure to my husband who has always been extremely supportive. He immediately encouraged me to seek a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon. I brushed it off until my husband found a review of Dr. White in a magazine. It impressed me that he was board certified in his field. We called that day to make an appointment for a consultation. I am 6 days post surgery for my third cosmetic procedure, the most recent was the "face lift", the prior hair line, brow lift, lower & upper blepharoplasty were also completed by Dr. White over a period of almost two years. This was due to "life" interfering and preventing a more expedited makeover. Again, after only 6 days, have no bruising, minimal swelling and went out today with no makeup! I am amazed at the premedical oversight Dr. White provides to ensure the best outcomes; his attention to detail and precision surgical technique are beyond anything I have seen with others having had cosmetic surgeries. I have been absolutely overwhelmed at the difference these procedures have made in my self esteem and confidence in my appearance. I feel good when I look in the mirror. It is not about vanity, it is about feeling happy with your appearance and saving money on skin products that can not correct the sagging jowls, puffy eyes, drooping upper lids, and sad appearance from a down turned mouth. Being born with strabismus; having had to undergo corrective surgeries that left me with a "drooping" eye, and wearing thick glasses left me with a lack in confidence about my appearance. Then the aging took it's toll. After the first surgery, I knew I would never look to any other surgeon. He is so very attentive to his patients and the successful outcome of the procedure. All the steps that Dr. White takes prior to surgery, during surgery, and post surgery ensures his patient's health and happiness with a fresh new look. More

Review (In Office)
Review from C. R.  |  Source: Source: Office  |  Jun 15, 2015

Thank you, Dr. White, for everything you've done...for being the special person that you are.... thank you so very much. No words, deeds, or money could ever show you how much I appreciate you and thank God for you each waking day. You are my everything!! More

Review from Anonymous  |  Source: RateMDs  |  Oct 18, 2015

After much research , I chose to go with Dr. White for a brow lift and lower blephoplasty. I couldn't be happier with the results ! His skill , compassion, knowledge , and attention to detail are something you don't run into every day . I felt he truly cared and wanted the best for me . Rest assured that you are in the best of hands with this jewel of a doctor !!! More

Review from Anonymous  |  Source: RateMDs  |  Oct 21, 2015

LM Oct. 6, 2014 Bilateral Lower Lid Blepharoplasty & Standard Coronal Browlift Feb.13, 2015 Standard Rhytidectomy Facelift & Necklift In December of 2007 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had surgery the following January. My doctor said I should plan on having the surgery and then receive radiation treatments, but between the time of the diagnosis and surgery, the cancer grew more than expected so that when I went to my follow-up appointment after the surgery, the doctor recommended that I receive six months of chemotherapy and then have radiation treatments. As a result of the chemotherapy my facial skin became significantly wrinkled and my eyes seemed to be small as if they couldn?t open to their fullest extent. A close acquaintance suggested that I schedule a consultation with Dr. Steven J. White as he was a highly regarded cosmetic surgeon who would be able to remediate my facial conditions. Shortly thereafter I scheduled an appointment with Dr. White. At the end of the consultation which was informative and comforting, I decided to proceed with a two-step surgery. After each surgery, Dr. White stopped by every day and night to check on my condition. His comments were clear and concise. He has a unique ability to set one at ease. During recovery and in subsequent appointments, I cannot say enough about his professional skills and demeanor. Due to my age I am surely in Dr. White?s senior class? of patients. His skill as a surgeon has proved to be extremely effective. I look and feel years younger. I would definitely recommend any person needing cosmetic surgery to call Dr. Steven J. White?s office to schedule a consultation. He is a perfectionist with very high standards and his many patients benefit from those traits. More

Review from K.F.  |  Source: Google  |  Oct 21, 2015

My experience with Dr. White was nothing short of remarkable. His skill, knowledge, and expertise in achieving natural looking results was a big reason I chose him as my doctor. I had considered a brow lift for years, but never did a thing about it for a fear of looking"pulled" or "spooked". I just kept going in for botox every three or four months. That adds up in a hurry and gets to be very expensive. After talking with Dr White, I had no worries about looking unnatural. I was told exactly what to expect and how to prepare for a brow lift and a lower blephoplasty. Bags under my eyes were getting worse with time. He corrected that problem for me, and I felt very much at ease with him taking care of my lower lids. His enthusiasm and love of doing what he does is very reassuring. The patient is who he is looking out for in every sense of the word. He is a phenomenal doctor- a real find. I treasure him and what he has done for me. More

Review from E.D.  |  Source: Google  |  Apr 05, 2016

Dr. White is generous with his time and goes to great lengths to educate his patients before they make a decision regarding plastic surgery. My brow lift was beautifully done, with no unsightly bruising or need for prescription pain medication, and I was able to return to my regular schedule in less than a week. I could not have asked for a better outcome or experience. More

Review from C.F.  |  Source: Insiderpages  |  Jun 09, 2016

I am a current patient of Dr. Steven White (3 weeks post op-Brow lift) and I am so thrilled with my results and with Dr. White. I can honestly say Dr. White embodies all the attributes desired in a Plastic Surgeon. I originally selected Dr. White for an initial consult 6 years ago based on his impressive credentials and the fact that he consistently ranks as a top surgeon both on a local and national level. ( After spending a LOT of time with me 6 years ago discussing my options, Dr. White was very supportive of me when I decided that I was not quite ready to have surgery. A month ago I returned to Dr. White because he had made such an impression on me years ago with his willingness to spend so much time with me and to explore all my options in detail. Dr. White is a perfectionist, who is extremely talented, personable, professional, caring and knowledgeable. He also makes his patients less anxious about surgery due to the priority he places on great natural results and on patient safety. His staff is also very helpful, responsive and supportive throughout the entire process. I encourage anyone who is considering Plastic Surgery to schedule a consult with Dr. White. You will see for yourself why his client base is so loyal and happy with their results. What I also love is that he is as excited about my results as I am! Call today and meet Dr. White, you will so glad that you did. More

Review from D.  |  Source: RealSelf  |  Jun 14, 2016

Brow Lift and Upper Eyelid Lift (Blepharoplasty) - Dallas, TX - I saw Dr. White's write up in the D Magazine. He was consistently listed as the Best of the Best. I interviewed another plastic surgeon before making my decision but felt more comfortable with Dr. White after meeting with him. More

Review from S.  |  Source: RealSelf  |  Jun 21, 2016

Brow Lift and Eyelid Surgery Took Off Years! - Dallas, TX - Dr. White performed a brow lift and upper eyelid surgery on me and I love the results! Dr. White came highly recommended which gave me the confidence to book an appointment. At our first meeting he discussed the procedures, answered any questions and concerns that I had and I was able to view videos that explained the process from beginning to end. I also met Dr. White's staff who are not only friendly and easy to talk to but possess a lot of knowledge about each procedure thanks to their nursing background. Dr. White is professional, conscientious, very detail oriented and possesses artistic talent which is all to the patient's benefit! More

Review from K.  |  Source: RealSelf  |  Jun 29, 2017

Very Happy With Dr. White and My Results after Lower Eyelid and Brow Lift! Youthful/Natural Outcome! - Dr. White is an all-round great guy! He is a wonderful communicator and is very down to earth! He treated me with the utmost respect and I felt comfortable asking questions, even if they seemed dumb, and he always gave me answers with explanations that I fully understood! He is a true professional that really takes his time with patients and strives for perfection! More

Review from K.F.  |  Source: Google  |  Mar 08, 2018

For a few years, I contemplated having some cosmetic corrections done. A few obstacles that made me reluctant to having cosmetic surgery was one being concerned about how I would look after healing and secondly how long would it take to fully heal and feel back to normal? I was afraid that I would have to hibernate for months. I was wrong there. I was out and about 3 days post surgery with no bruising. I must say that after each surgery I felt nervous about my decision to go forward with the procedure, but after a few days I felt very happy with my decision. The first procedure I had was a brow lift. Several weeks later, the next procedures included a lower face lift and neck lift. After some healing time, I could quickly see how much younger I appeared and I liked that very much. One major benefit from choosing cosmetic surgery is how it has lifted my confidence! I would say that I went from about 55% up to 95% boost in my self confidence! If you are considering cosmetic surgery of any kind, based on my personal experience, I HIGHLY recommend Dr. White to you. He is an artist in cosmetic surgery and he strongly believes in “the natural look” and not the “spooked or wind blown look”. He takes extra time with his stitching process to minimize scaring. My scaring is literally non visible. Dr. White took great care of me both in the hospital and out of the hospital. Dr. White is very personable and friendly. He is sincere and compassionate and made me feel 100% cared for at all times. He totally exceeded my expectations by far! Dr. White will be THE ONLY cosmetic surgeon that I will ever use for any reason in the future and I will always highly recommended him to anyone. He is the best :) Dr. White also has an outstanding staff that I want to brag on. They are all very friendly and professional. No regrets whatsoever. More

Review from Anonymous  |  Source: Healthgrades  |  Dec 10, 2018

If you choose Dr. White, you can know that you are in excellent hands. His precision surgery is flawless. His attention to detail is unmatched. He is a man of integrity, honor and compassion. I cannot recommend him highly enough. I am thrilled with my results. More

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