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Double board-certified Dallas, TX plastic surgeon, Dr. Steven J. White MD, is dedicated to providing patients with an unforgettable plastic surgery experience. Consistently listed as a “Top Doc” and touted among the best plastic surgeons in the Dallas area, Dr. White believes there are no shortcuts to experience, training and knowledge. His patients, who travel far and wide to have plastic surgery under his hands, agree. We are happy to share their experiences and patient stories with you here so that you can gain additional insight and get to know Dr. White a little better. We hope you find these patient testimonials helpful as you make this very important decision.

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Review (In Office)
Review from S.X.  |  Source: Citysearch  |  Jun 09, 2016

I was thinking about a tummy tuck for a while. I had a 4-inch thick, vertical scar from an operation 20 years ago. After having two children, I had a lot of loose skin in the front, and a “muffin-top”. They won’t go away no matter how much I exercise. I had a bulge in the upper tummy as well. I stayed away from any tight-fitting clothing so to hide. My waist won’t slim down. I consulted another surgeon for just liposuction options, but she told me it won’t solve my problems. I had a few worries about tummy tuck and postponed the surgery for almost a year. I worried about recovery time being too long and I would not be able to travel. I also didn’t want my friends to find out. People posted bad experience with their tummy tuck, like pain, bumpy scars, and scars too high. Some went to oversees for cheaper prices and had no post-operative care. Dr. White operated on me twice so I don’t have any concerns about post-op care – he was great and took care of me before. If I was going to have a tummy tuck, I would only choose Dr. White. He did a breast augmentation, which was perfect. So after a year, I thought enough is enough – I just had to do it. Surgery was on December, 2012. I stayed an extra day because of an unexpected high blood pressure, for a total of 3 days. Dr. White visited me every day. One day he came late at night. He taught nurses how to move me out of bed. His video was very helpful to have a perfect recover. He personally changed dressing and checked on me. He walked me every day. My husband works many surgeons and he was impressed by Dr. White’s dedication. He treated nurses very well. It was no pain at all for the whole recovery. It is now near five months after the surgery. My waist line dropped 4 inches – from 30 to 26! The result is amazing - I thought my curve is better than I ever had. I never had the confidence to wear bikini. I haven’t bought one yet but I don’t see reasons why not. The ugly scar is gone – Dr. White was able to cut that out. The tummy is tight, and the slim waist is just what I dreamed of. No more loose skin and I feel very confident. Shopping for clothing is very fun. I didn’t tell my friends but they commented several times – even I tried to not show off at all. Dr. White is great – he asked me to trust him for his judgment on approaches, and with the three major surgeries, he definitely earned my trust. He truly has my best interest in mind, and spared no efforts to make sure the outcome is the best. He asked me to wear compression garment – I did everything he asked. More

Review (In Office)
Review from B.D.  |  Source: Citysearch  |  Dec 15, 2015

In the last 15 years, I have had mostly terrible experiences with doctors (of all kinds). That all changed when I met Dr. White. He was the first doctor to take his time with me and actually listen to my concerns. I was recommended to him by an accomplished ENT in the Dallas area; his reputation preceded him, and he did not disappoint. Every visit was a pleasure: the staff was friendly and helpful, I rarely waited more than 5 minutes, the office is spectacularly clean and beautiful (not clinical feeling), and checkout was always a breeze. As for Dr. White himself, he must be the friendliest man I've ever met. He truly cares about what he's doing. I believe he is known for his perfectionism...which is exactly what you want in a Plastic Surgeon. I couldn't recommend him highly enough. In fact, the level of care and service I received from him and his staff made me demand more from my primary care physician - to the point that I spent a year finding one who could live up to Dr. White's standards. I had an emergency abdominal surgery in my early 20s due to a horse accident which left me with a disgusting looking "kangaroo pouch". Almost every woman has less than desirable feelings about her belly, but the effects of that surgery just put everything over the top. I was so self-conscious every time I was in the buff, which can wreak havoc on intimate relationships. After lifting weights and working out to the point that I was almost anorexic looking and realizing that my "pouch" was never going away, I finally (almost 10 years later) decided to do something about it. Dr. White gave me back the body I wish I'd had in my 20s! I had so much confidence afterwards and my body was so healthy that my biggest wish finally came true: within 3 months after the surgery, I found out I was pregnant! Now, 8 months later, I can already tell that getting back to my pre-baby/post-surgery body shouldn't be a problem. Thank you Dr. changed my whole life! More

Review (In Office)
Review from D.L.  |  Source: Citysearch  |  Mar 23, 2015

After having my first child at a young age i have always been uncomfortable with the way my tummy looked. i was left with so many stretch marks and loose skin. Of course I was young and knew i wanted to have more children,. Finally after having my second child I decided I needed to do something about my tummy. I was extremely nervous about even going to a consultation since i have seen and heard so many horror stories about botched results. After meeting Dr. White I was so impressed with his wonderful bedside manner and i felt confident that he would do his very best to give me the results I wanted. To no surprise to me, I was more than happy with my results. i am so glad i chose Dr. White to do my surgery, I feel that he takes so much pride in his work and will not stop until he is happy with the outcome. Now, i feel better than ever about myself. No regrets for me! More

Review (In Office)
Review from B.M.  |  Source: Citysearch  |  Feb 16, 2015

A few years ago I had a procedure by another Dallas plastic surgeon. My recovery was painful and miserable. Not to mention I was bruised and on pain pills for weeks. I knew if I ever wanted to get cosmetic surgery done again I would for sure do my research and look to see who the best doctor in Dallas was. When the time came for me to look into liposuction, I chose Dr. White based upon his experience and patient satisfaction, but most importantly it was meeting him which changed my whole perception of my experience before. Dr. White, is smart, funny, but most of all caring because he takes care of his patients like they are family. As well as his beautiful staff, Jennifer and Jazmin who took care of me and answered all of my questions. They were there for me the entire time and made me feel so comfortable, beyond being very intelligent as well. I admit I was a little leery about this whole procedure again. I didn't believe that I could be off pain medicine in ONE day and not feel horrible. After surgery, I was uncomfortable, but not to the degree I was before. The first day of surgery was painful beyond ever but that’s expected for sure, the next day I felt so much better and it only got easier. I actually returned to work 2 days after surgery and I have a very low pain tolerance so I knew this was going to be a piece of cake. Weeks, months, went by and now it has been 2 years, and I am beyond thankful. Why I wanted this procedure in the first place? The thing that got me was people were like you don’t need it you’re a very small girl, but thing is it was my confidence because I did not like my legs (thighs) because I have an athletic build. I had always been into fitness, but my problem area was my thighs, keep in mind I am only 5-1, a short thing. I knew I had to make a decision which would boost my self-esteem and make me happy. After liposuction, I continued competing in fitness/bikini competitions and still do till this day. I am now a fitness model and feeling more confident than ever. For most people no one knows I did this procedure but the thing is you can work out all you want, diet, and train, trust me I did it for years but keep in mind genetics plays a huge part. I can now say the change in my thighs was remarkable! That year following my procedure I even won first place in one of the largest fitness competitions in the area and went on to Nationals and now compete Nationally working towards getting my Pro Card. My confidence has risen ever since my surgery. I only wish I could've found Dr. White for my first surgery! The best advice I can tell you is do your research, read reviews, and visit these doctors. Little does he know, but Dr. White was my saving grace. I have always been just a beautiful face, but now I have the whole package. He is an artist to the body and hands down the BEST. Visiting his office and meeting him and his staff will just clarify why I chose him…..they make you feel like family and they will always be a part of mine. All three of you changed my life for the better. More

Review (In Office)
Review from J.M.  |  Source: Citysearch  |  Dec 05, 2014

I never thought I would be someone who would have plastic surgery, but after 3 pregnancies it was necessary. :) I was referred to Dr. White by a coworker. He did an excellent job!!! I am thrilled with my results. My confidence is better, my marriage is better; it was well worth every penny. I would do it all over again in a second. His staff is amazing and is there for your every step of the way. If you ever want to have any cosmetic surgery you need to give them a call. You will stop looking after your visit. Everything they said they would do they did and more. Love them all!!! More

Review (In Office)
Review from Anonymous  |  Source: Citysearch  |  Jun 01, 2014

I had always wanted a tummy tuck after having a baby over twenty years ago. I had Dr. White on my list of surgeons to contact and finally decided to go ahead with surgery in 2013. I met with Dr. White and his staff regarding the procedure and I was thoroughly impressed. The level of detail and care that he puts into his work is amazing. He is a perfectionist and that is what you should have when you are considering any kind of plastic surgery. His motto is that if you are going to do something, then do it right. The results of my surgery are amazing. I have a sculpted stomach now that looks just as good as it did before the baby. I have definition and a waist again. None of my clothes fit, so I will have to go shopping. I can't say enough about Dr. White, Julie and Jasmine. What a wonderful team. More

Review (In Office)
Review from T.C.  |  Source: Citysearch  |  Sep 19, 2013

For years after child birth, I had considered abdominoplasty, (tummy tuck) to remove the extra skin which diet and exercise just would not get rid of. Never having any type of surgery which required me to be fully under anesthesia, I was concerned with the risks and recovery. After being diagnosed with multiple uterine fibroids that required a hysterectomy, I decided to look into preforming both a hysterectomy and abdominoplasty at the same time. After consulting with Dr. Steven White, he put together a team of doctors which consisted of the best doctors around to undergo this double procedure. Although my hysterectomy was a simple routine one, rather than an Ob-Gyn, two of the most senior and respected gynecological oncologists were on hand to perform it. This was to prevent another procedure should any complications arise during the hysterectomy and verify that the ovaries and tubes were normal. Dr. White also arranged to have one of the best anesthesiologists to put me under. As testimony to his ability, (even after a longer double procedure), I awoke without any difficulty and was cognizant with a few minutes. No headache, nauseousness, or dizziness it was amazing. The attention to the details shown by Dr. White is second to none I have seen. From minimizing the risks associated with surgery, to techniques on sculpturing the body for optimal results, to physically and mentally preparing the patient for surgery and helping them recover; I have not seen a more caring or committed surgeon before. How many surgeons actually have their patients watch videos so that they know what to expect in the recovery room, (even how to get in and out of the bed). This was a tremendous benefit mentally since I was already familiar with the setup in recovery. Furthermore, how many surgeons actually personally walk you each day and on weekends? That is dedication. In preparation for surgery, Dr. White even had me perform a baseline exam not only with a doctor of Internal Medicine but also a doctor of Hematology Oncology for my blood clotting factor so that I may be administered anticoagulants to prevent blood clots while in surgery and recovering in bed. It was reassuring that Dr. White had a pre-op baseline that he could compare post-op results to. As for some of his personal surgical techniques uses, there was no dog ears or healing issues. In fact, the scar was so small, about the width of an edge of paper. The post-op regiment Dr. White developed not only helps the patient recover but optimizes the results. From the steps for the patient to follow in order to minimize the scar’s width and height to the density of foam used to ensure a perfectly round belly button is defined by Dr. White. My whole experience at the hands of these true master surgeons was incredible. The coordination and caliber of these surgeons to trust each other’s work without complications speaks volumes. The results were even more amazing than I thought possible. After only a few weeks, I not only saw sculpturing of my sides but the formation of a valley on my upper abdomen like a six pack ab. Wow, what can I say, just compare the results to other’s work. You get what you pay for. When it comes to your health and beauty, do not go for bargain rate. The complications are not worth it. Dr. White is the best. More

Review (In Office)
Review from L.M  |  Source: Citysearch  |  Aug 10, 2013

A few years ago I wanted to get healthy. I started running and eating a clean lifestyle. After a half-marathon Feb 2012 and a full marathon Feb 2013. I thought by doing all the dieting and exercise that my body would magically be put back into shape. Not so much the case. So my husband and I started to research tummy tuck doctors. When my husband and I went for the consult we were sold. The consult lasted four hours. He is very informative, and was genuinely concerned and compassionate about all of my questions. His work and staff are simply amazing! I was very impressed of all of the precautions and procedures they have in place. I'm 4mos post surgery. I love it! I am back in training for 3 more half marathons I will do in December and February. I'm so thankful to Dr. White and his staff! More

Review (In Office)
Review from P.B.  |  Source: Citysearch  |  May 14, 2013

I am 52 years old and wished I had found Dr. White 20 years ago for my tummy tuck. I had three very large babies and gaining 35 lbs plus with each pregnancy which was a lot for a small frame person. Well, you can read between the lines to imaging how I looked afterwards and how many stretch marks and untoned belly flab I was left with from the pregnancies. I was always so embarrassed, even with my husband to see me through the years. After our third child had graduated from college the topic came up again about my desire to rid my baby flab embarrassment and my husband said, "Find a doctor you feel comfortable with and let's get this taken care of." He didn't have to say it twice! I immediately started my research. I googled as many of us do, and read about many plastic surgeons. Dr. White stood out with all his acclimates year after year, so I took the chance and called to make an appointment. His staff was very professional, honest and courteous, so I made my first appointment. I was afraid with all his accomplishments he would be arrogant and egotistical at minimal. But it was worth the trip to start the search. I was totally wrong! I was totally surprised and very pleased with his down-to-earth personal approach and professionalism. My husband was with me and was very impressed with his thoroughness and attention to details to the well being and outcome of my surgery. He made both of us feel very comfortable and we felt assured I would be in the best hands with no corners cut. My surgery went very well. His attention to detail is phenomenal and I smile each time I look at myself in the mirror. I work in the healthcare field and it is sad to say that there are many physicians that only care about the money and status. Dr. White is one of the few that truly demonstrates how much he cares about his patients well being and outcomes. He once told me that looking good is the initial motivator and vehicle to get to what is really important. How you feel about yourself and the self confidence you build from accomplishing your goals is what it is really all about. Thank you Dr. White! What an amazing experience! More

Review (In Office)
Review from M.R.  |  Source: Citysearch  |  Apr 21, 2013

I had a tummy tuck 15 weeks ago. May I just say that Dr. White is amazing! I went on many consultations and wanted to do this surgery for 12 years. It wasn't until I met Dr. White that it just felt right. Dr. White spent so much time with me prior to surgery, and truly educated me on what it entailed. His skill as a surgeon is incredible, and to top it off, he is just the nicest person. So caring and attentive! My tummy is fabulous -- it looks like it did when I was a teenager :) I wish I found Dr. White 12 years ago... but am thankful to know him now! I highly recommend him! His attention to detail, interest in his patients, and wonderful aftercare is unbelievable. I cannot thank him enough. He has really changed my life! At 46, I feel like I have the tummy I have worked so hard for since I had my children. You owe it to yourself to meet him and hear what he can do for you! More

Review (In Office)
Review from R.M.  |  Source: Citysearch  |  Mar 13, 2013

After having children, I was ready to have a tummy tuck and lipo on my legs. I came across Dr. Steven J. White in the D magazine while on a flight. After having my consultation with him, it only confirmed that I made the right choice. He made me feel completely at ease about the procedure. After the procedure, "I was 100% completely satisfied". He is very precise and takes pride in his work. It definitely shows! My body started to look like when I was in High School and I'm 42. I was so thrilled and pleased with the results, that I had him redo my breast implants a couple of months later. He does amazing work. The anesthesiologist even mentioned that he had his wife go to Dr. Steven White because in his words "he is the best" in Dallas and he's been in surgery with a lot of surgeons. I have to 100% agree with him. He is very passionate and puts a lot of care in his work. I will only go to Dr. Steven White for future procedures. His staff is very knowledgeable, friendly, and absolutely beautiful. Dr. White and his staff are a true class act! More

Review (In Office)
Review from S.  |  Source: Citysearch  |  Oct 05, 2012

PHENOMENAL is the best word to describe Dr. Steven White! It took me five years to get up the nerve to seek out a doctor to perform my tummy tuck! My body was tired and frumpy! Surgery for an extended tummy tuck needs careful planning and attention for the best outcome! My primary physican told me to check out Dr. White's website and I did! I was blown away by his qualifications! He is certified in many fields and his training and experience far out exceeds other surgeons! I made the first appointment to meet Dr. White. My expections were met and then some! He is a down to earth doctor, personable, friendly, passionate about what he does and upbeat! I scheduled my surgery for September 2012! I met with the office staff to prepare for my surgery and recovery; If I were to rate the staff on a scale of 1-5, 5 being the highest, I would rate them a 10! My surgery was successful in everyway; every promise was deliverd by Dr. White! After surgery he was there to get me in and out of bed, walk me down the hall and be an encourager! He set the tone for my recovery! The hospital staff had high praise for Dr. White! He has a great reputation with the hospital! The best part is the way I look and feel! I have curves! Curves I haven't had for many years! My body doesn't look tired or frumpy; it looks youthful and fresh! I love it! I have lost weight and a dress size in four weeks! Dr. White is a perfectionist and because he is my body looks fabulous! My husband is impressed by Dr.White by the care and concern he had for me the entire process! He always included my husband at every turn! Trust and comfort! So to sum up my ongoing experience with Dr. White-PHENOMENAL! FIRST CLASS and that is the best way to go! Thank you Dr. White! More

Review (In Office)
Review from C.  |  Source: Citysearch  |  Nov 14, 2011

Dr. While expertly performed my tummy tuck and thigh liposuction 6 weeks ago. The results More

Review (In Office)
Review from j.  |  Source: Citysearch  |  Aug 09, 2011

Kudos for Dr. White – Underwent surgery for male gynecomastia (aka "man boobs") over a year ago and couldn't be more happy with the results. Before my consultation with Dr. White, I visited three doctors in the Dallas area. For one reason or another, each visit left me somewhat unsure that cosmetic surgery was the right option, that it would result in the physical transformation I so desperately desired. But after my first consultation with Dr. White, I knew this was the doctor for me. So strongly did I feel that immediately following my consultation I scheduled my surgery, and never have I regretted the decision. Wish I had undergone the procedure at the age of 18 rather than my mid-twenties, but better late than never. Nothing but kudos for Dr. White and his exceptional staff. More

Review (In Office)
Review from A.I.  |  Source: Citysearch  |  Jan 27, 2011

Best Decision Ever! – I have to agree with the positive review for Dr. White! He is truly an artist who takes extra time and care in explaining the procedure and performing the procedure. I had a breast augmentation about two years ago and chose Dr. White after much research. His process for recovery is not like any other doctor's, and I have been extremely pleased with not only the results, but in how Dr. White treats me as a person and patient. So pleased that I chose him to do my liposuction last year. I have always heard issues of dimpling and the "lumpy bumpy" look and I have nothing even remotely close to that from Dr. White's surgery. My best friend, who is a nurse and works with numerous plastic surgeons at the hospital, also went to Dr. White for her breast reduction. I would trust him with anything!! Thank you Dr. White!! More

Review (In Office)
Review from E.D.  |  Source: Citysearch  |  Dec 10, 2010

An excellent doctor and a beautiful result – My results from a liposuction procedure performed by Dr. White this year far exceeded my expectations. I consulted with a number of plastic surgeons and did extensive reading about liposuction before deciding on Dr. White. My choice was based on several factors: (i) his reputation, which is excellent, (ii) his willingness to explain liposuction, and how it works, and (iii) how he explained his particular way of doing liposuction, which may take more time, but brings about a smoother and more natural look. I had been warned by another plastic surgeon that I would have sagging, dimpled skin in one area on my legs after the procedure, which could not be helped. Dr. White explained how he would fix that problem, and his explanation was so clear, I understood how it could be fixed. And fixed it was. I am a woman in my late forties, and the lower half of my body looks better than it ever has in my life. I have never looked decent in a swimsuit, but next summer I will. Dr. White has an sculptor's eye for what the body can become and the surgical skill to make it happen. I highly recommend him! More

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