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Double board-certified Dallas, TX plastic surgeon, Dr. Steven J. White MD, is dedicated to providing patients with an unforgettable plastic surgery experience. Consistently listed as a “Top Doc” and touted among the best plastic surgeons in the Dallas area, Dr. White believes there are no shortcuts to experience, training and knowledge. His patients, who travel far and wide to have plastic surgery under his hands, agree. We are happy to share their experiences and patient stories with you here so that you can gain additional insight and get to know Dr. White a little better. We hope you find these patient testimonials helpful as you make this very important decision.

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Review from I.R.  |  Source: Google  |  Jul 13, 2018

So before I say anything, I’ve got to atone for a heinous crime that I committed when we last spoke. In my previous review I raved about how amazing Dr. White and his team is and basically did an Oscar acceptance speech thanking them; however, I forgot about one extremely important group of people that make this whole process possible. Dr. Zipper, Dr. White’s go to anesthesiologist, and his team (Carol and the gang) were nothing short of fantastic. It must have slipped my mind in the last review because I was unconscious for 97.3% of our entire interaction, but I honestly think that’s how you measure the quality of an anesthesiologist…if you aren’t unconscious, they’re definitely doing something wrong. Main idea is that my past statement applies to everyone that Dr. White sends his patients to because he knows that the quality of his work is not only based off of what he does but also the people that he trusts to support him.Now on to the reason I’m here: I know some of you may be saying to yourself, “Why is this guy posting another review? I thought Dr. White already took care of him and I can’t take another long winded review, Netflix shows don’t binge watch themselves after all.” Which is fair…hurtful, but fair. Now if you’re one of the people who truly wants to find out about how getting surgery with Dr. White will impact you, then you’ve come to the right place. Spreading the word about him is so important to me that I created another Gmail account just so I can post a different review about this second surgery. #DedicationWhen I first decided I was going to do something about the extra skin I had from being overweight I knew I would most likely need two procedures done, one for my chest and one for my stomach. Because of this, I decided to reach out to 3 surgeons to see who would fit best with my goals. The first one never even got back to me to schedule an appointment (easy elimination) and the second one looked at my chest and told me that he couldn’t really do anything about it without giving me scars which would “basically be malpractice” because it would be worse than before. Now don’t get me wrong, I definitely appreciated the honesty but that didn’t leave me feeling very confident in…well anything. Then I went to Dr. White and the difference was like comparing apples to Canadian bacon. He walked me through everything and when I mentioned the chest procedure (which is what this review is about if you were wondering), he told me exactly what he was going to do to make it better without hesitation. Not only that, but he had plenty of pictures of successes to show me which gave me all the confidence I needed to make my decision. What I want to stress from this is that I actually encourage you to talk to other doctors about any procedure you’re considering before going to Dr. White because the difference you’ll see will make you appreciate him that much more.Now I’m going to wrap this up because even I’m starting to fall asleep here (I told you Dr. Zipper was good). These two surgeries have changed my life forever, and I will never find the words to express my gratitude to Dr. White and his team for making that possible. I was able to take my shirt off to swim for the first time in over a decade and I’m actually able to see the fruits of my labor in the gym. People have asked me why I did this at such a young age and it’s simply because I lived with crippling insecurities for over 10 years before making the decision to do something about it, and I want to get to the point where all of that is just a faint memory. When it comes to learning how to love yourself and feeling comfortable in the skin you’re in, the journey can be long; however, I know this was the first step towards having a healthier view of myself and in my opinion, sooner was truly the better. More

Review from S.M.  |  Source: Google  |  Dec 18, 2017

I’ve been dealing with gynecomastia my whole life. It runs in the family, but I’ve done everything humanly possible through diet and exercise to get rid of it. I completed a lot of research online to see what can be done to get rid of it, and it seems liposuction of the chest is the only way. Exercise can help some, but it doesn’t solve the problem. My research showed me that I could have had it done for $2500-$15,000, but it is your body and you get what you pay for. Anything short of perfection is unacceptable. Dr. White’s approach to the surgery is different, and he cares tremendously about his patient’s outcome. Dr. White and his staff change lives on a daily basis. They have just recently changed mine and I will be forever grateful. During the consultation and pre-op, he takes the time to show you the results from previous patients, explain the procedure from beginning to end, and actually cares about you and your outcome. If you’re considering cosmetic surgery; you cannot go wrong with Dr. White! More

Review from D.M.  |  Source: Google  |  Jun 26, 2016

I developed large male breasts at the age of 12, which is probably the last time I was out in public without a shirt. Even with a shirt on, I was always embarrassed and self-conscious about my chest. I had little to no self-confidence and very low self-esteem. So it goes without saying, my breasts had a huge negative effect on all aspects of my life. For 40 years I dreamed of having a breast reduction. However, I never really looked into it until this year. I was on a flight from Charlotte to Houston when I read an article about Dr. White being one of the top 10 cosmetic/plastic surgeons in the World. So, I called and arranged a consultation visit. Upon meeting Dr. White, all my apprehension was set aside. I thought it would be too costly, wrong. I thought it would be too painful and the recovery period too long, wrong again. He discussed the pros and cons with me, what my options were, we reviewed his portfolio of before and after pictures for the same procedure, and he described in detail what would happen and what to expect. In all, I spent about two hours at Dr. White?s office and most of that time was with him, which is rather unusual in today?s medical environment. My general physician spends less than five minutes with me on any one visit and delegates most of his tasks to his assistant. Not Dr. White?He is strictly hands-on and very, very, very, very detail oriented, which I find both comforting and refreshing. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. White and his staff. I know you?re probably thinking, it sounds too good to be true,? but it?s not. He really is the best and it?s something you have to experience for yourself to fully appreciate. I had the procedure done and everything happened just as Dr. White had described. No surprises; he is truly a grandmaster in his field. I did not have any pain after the surgery and my recovery was a lot faster than I expected. Again, everything happened just like Dr. White said it would. The results are amazing!! I told Dr. White at my consultation visit that I wanted to be his next success story, and I am. It?s surreal?To dream about something for so long and to have it actually come true is almost unbelievable. I cannot help but stare at myself in the full-length mirror and think about how remarkable the results are. Dr. White is genuinely happy for me and shares in my excitement. You can hear it in his voice and see it on his face. The only regret that I have is not having this procedure done years ago. My confidence is through the roof and I feel like a new person. My clothes fit better, and, by the way I carry myself, it feels like I?m a foot taller. I am happy, happy, happy!! Dr. White is absolutely outstanding and I recommend him without reservation. More

Review from R.M.  |  Source: Google  |  Jan 30, 2014

I'm a 51 year old male that would never take off my shirt, my own kids never seen me with out a shirt on. So my wife had Dr. White to do a breast lift for her a few months before. She was very pleased with the results. I asked him to look to see if he could help remove my love handles and man boobs. It was hard for me to take my shirt off for him. So in Sept. 2012 I had Dr. White to do liposuction on my upper torso, he removed 18 lbs from around my waist and chest area. To get to the point I always had good muscle underneath the fat. I worked out for years and never could get rid of the love handle. It took one day for Dr. White to remove all the excess fat around my belly and around my chest area. My pant size went from a 36 to a 31. I got my V shape back. I looked at my self in a 180 degree mirror. I was amazing. People ask if I was a body builder, I had a six pack for the first time in 30 yrs. So this past summer on a vacation in Destin Fla. all my kids seen dad for the first time with out a shirt. It felt so good and comfortable not having to suck my stomach in all the time, because it was flat being just relaxed. I know that I looked ok before the surgery & my wife and kids love me no matter what. But when your 50 years old and have a body build of a 20 yr. old. just from liposuction you feel so much better about yourself. Now my wife and kids & I can take beach vacations & not have to wear a shirt. Thanks to Dr. White for being a perfectionist and going to the extreme to do the best that can be done. So I highly recommend this procedure. More

Review from F.R.  |  Source: Google  |  Jun 06, 2013

For a long time I wanted to get gynecomastia (male breast reduction) done but had been putting off because I didn't know about any good Dr's in the area. I actually found Dr. White online one day because one of my relatives wanted to get some surgery done. She decided to go with him and when i saw the results she got, I didn't think twice in proceeding with mine. I'm very excited to say that I feel much better about my self and it also helped improve my self-esteem and confidence level, as well. Dr. White is extremely professional and so is all of his staff. I would greatly recommend Dr. White to anyone thinking about getting any surgery done. He not only performs the surgery but also checks up on you personally throughout the healing process. More

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