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Double board-certified Dallas, TX plastic surgeon, Dr. Steven J. White MD, is dedicated to providing patients with an unforgettable plastic surgery experience. Consistently listed as a “Top Doc” and touted among the best plastic surgeons in the Dallas area, Dr. White believes there are no shortcuts to experience, training and knowledge. His patients, who travel far and wide to have plastic surgery under his hands, agree. We are happy to share their experiences and patient stories with you here so that you can gain additional insight and get to know Dr. White a little better. We hope you find these patient testimonials helpful as you make this very important decision.

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Review from Anonymous  |  Source: RateMDs  |  Mar 16, 2019

I had wanted to have a face lift for the past 8 years. I was reluctant to pursue having the surgery because I wanted the results to look natural and I had seen too many face lifts that looked/ "plastic" and artificial. After extensive research I found Dr. White. I chose him because of his training (double board certified in cosmetic surgery and ENT), his ratings/proven track record, his professionalism and attention to detail.When I met Dr. White I was immediately set at ease. I knew I was in excellent hands. He listened to all of my concerns and then addressed each one of them explaining in detail the surgical approach he would take.My surgery took place in November 2018 and I am so happy with the results!!! I look completely natural. Just like myself, but years younger! I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. White for anyone who is looking to achieve excellent, natural looking results! More

Review from Anonymous  |  Source: RateMDs  |  Oct 21, 2015

LM Oct. 6, 2014 Bilateral Lower Lid Blepharoplasty & Standard Coronal Browlift Feb.13, 2015 Standard Rhytidectomy Facelift & Necklift In December of 2007 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had surgery the following January. My doctor said I should plan on having the surgery and then receive radiation treatments, but between the time of the diagnosis and surgery, the cancer grew more than expected so that when I went to my follow-up appointment after the surgery, the doctor recommended that I receive six months of chemotherapy and then have radiation treatments. As a result of the chemotherapy my facial skin became significantly wrinkled and my eyes seemed to be small as if they couldn?t open to their fullest extent. A close acquaintance suggested that I schedule a consultation with Dr. Steven J. White as he was a highly regarded cosmetic surgeon who would be able to remediate my facial conditions. Shortly thereafter I scheduled an appointment with Dr. White. At the end of the consultation which was informative and comforting, I decided to proceed with a two-step surgery. After each surgery, Dr. White stopped by every day and night to check on my condition. His comments were clear and concise. He has a unique ability to set one at ease. During recovery and in subsequent appointments, I cannot say enough about his professional skills and demeanor. Due to my age I am surely in Dr. White?s senior class? of patients. His skill as a surgeon has proved to be extremely effective. I look and feel years younger. I would definitely recommend any person needing cosmetic surgery to call Dr. Steven J. White?s office to schedule a consultation. He is a perfectionist with very high standards and his many patients benefit from those traits. More

Review from Anonymous  |  Source: RateMDs  |  Jan 16, 2015

Dr. Steven White has provided me with a wonderful feeling about my look. I am 6 days post my third procedure to complete my look. I had a receding hairline with an extremely high forehead, drooping brows, upper lids, one lid that drooped more than the other, puffiness under my lower lids, sagging jowls, deep lines in and around my nose and mouth. I undertook all these procedures to ensure I had a natural look, without the stretched look that I have seen on some cosmetic patients. Dr.White has perfected his surgeries to ensure the best results for any procedure he performs. I knew after the first surgery, that I would never allow another surgeon to perform a cosmetic procedure on me. He is attentive to every detail prior to surgery, during surgery, and after the procedure ensuring optimal results. His surgical results are truly amazing and he is dedicated to best practices in his field. With a new fresh look it is impossible not to smile with confidence: "Smile and the world smiles with you." Dr. White is the only cosmetic surgeon I would recommend to someone seeking to improve their appearance. More

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