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Double board-certified Dallas, TX plastic surgeon, Dr. Steven J. White MD, is dedicated to providing patients with an unforgettable plastic surgery experience. Consistently listed as a “Top Doc” and touted among the best plastic surgeons in the Dallas area, Dr. White believes there are no shortcuts to experience, training and knowledge. His patients, who travel far and wide to have plastic surgery under his hands, agree. We are happy to share their experiences and patient stories with you here so that you can gain additional insight and get to know Dr. White a little better. We hope you find these patient testimonials helpful as you make this very important decision.

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Review from L.  |  Source: RealSelf  |  Jan 15, 2015

The Final Lift of my Facial Surgeries: Rhytidectomy - Dallas, TX - Dr. White is one of the most gifted and precision surgeons I have ever known. After my complete satisfaction with my first procedure of a combination Brow Lift and hairline modification, with a lower blepharoplasty, I knew without a doubt I wished to have Dr. White to correct several aging issues and a defect of one of my eyelids (one drooped more than the other). I was a little over sixty for the first procedure. Several life issues prevented my completing my cosmetic journey until 6 days ago when Dr. white performed by rhytidectomy or face lift of the neck upward to the eyes. This is recommended to ensure the optimal "natural" look and I would certainly endorse following the path Dr. White suggests as he is truly a gifted surgeon who has perfected his techniques to ensure the best optimal outcome. I have had no bruising with this very invasive procedure. My sutures are so incredibly small, that I am not at all reticent to be out and about even without makeup. I am incredibly pleased with the results at only 6 days post operative procedure! The deep lines around my nose, the sagging mouth, jowls and sagging skin of the neck are no more! The results are truly remarkable that this wonderful surgeon achieves. He is so very thorough with his preoperative work, the surgery itself, and then is extremely attentive afterward to ensure that no detail escapes his oversight and care. He is truly a very gifted surgeon and cares deeply that his patients are provided the best care and results. Dr. White is the only cosmetic surgeon I would recommend to anyone wanting to have a procedure. I personally know women who have had disastrous results, even life threatening issues occur. My husband and I consider Dr. White to be one of those rare surgeons who manifests extreme talent and attention to every detail; yet, is personable and kind. Though he performs many surgeries; he approaches each case with exuberance and a true personal investment in the outcome; for in fact, I and others illustrate his work ethic daily. More

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