Rhinoplasty – Nasal Fracture

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Nasal fracture repair rhinoplasty corrects a broken bone in the nose after a facial trauma or injury. Patients generally see their primary care physician or an emergency care facility immediately after they suspect the nose is broken, but then it can be helpful to have a trained plastic surgeon, such as Dr. Steven White in Dallas, TX, to re-set and re-shape the nose for the best aesthetic results. Dr. White is a specialist in reconstructive and otolaryngology (ear, nose, and throat) surgery so he will perform a rhinoplasty that ensures treatment of the patient’s medical concerns and creating the most attractive physical result.

Before and After Photos

Surgical Technique

Nasal fracture surgery repairs the bones of the nose that have been broken as well as any injuries to the cartilage or nasal septum. Dr. White will check for specific concerns, such as septal hematoma which can lead to a saddle nose deformity, or a septal deviation with a physical examination and if needed, an X-ray or CT scan. Once Dr. White and the patient have discussed what areas of the nose need to be treated, a nasal fracture repair rhinoplasty can be performed.

During/After Surgery

Rhinoplasty after a nasal fracture is best done within 2 weeks of the original injury, but Dr. White is still able to help patients who are past this point. Rhinoplasty for a nasal fracture can be performed in an accredited surgical facility with the patient under general anesthesia or in his office with local anesthetics, including numbing creams and numbing injections. Rhinoplasty after a nasal fracture is usually performed with closed approach. Dr. White will manually move the broken bone or bones back into the correct position without any incisions. After Dr. White has the nasal bones and cartilage in the correct place, a cast will be placed over the nose to keep the nose in place and protected. The cast is usually removed at the patient’s first follow up appointment, 1 week after the procedure.

On the Straight & Narrow

Without proper treatment, a nasal fracture could lead to medical problems and physical deformities. Dr. Steven White is a specialist in nose surgeries, which makes him an excellent choice for nasal fracture repair rhinoplasty. He uses his knowledge as an otolaryngology surgeon to ensure the nose is repaired and functioning properly. Dr. White also considers the final appearance of the nose with his experience in plastic surgery to give patients an attractive, symmetrical nose.