Liposuction – Arms

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Liposuction of the arms may be the ideal plastic surgery procedure, according to Dr. Steven J White MD with USA Plastic Surgery.  Patients are typically thrilled with the results (provided they have realistic expectations).  Recovery is easy and the tiny scars are usually imperceptible since only a single small incision is needed on each arm.

The key is LipoSculpture … not just liposuction.  Dr. Steven J White MD developed MicroLipoSculpt™ for optimal body contouring.  By using very thin, specially designed, custom-made cannulas, Dr. White performs enhanced contouring and sculpting with minimal bruising.  This allows better results as well as a faster, easier recovery.  Systematic and precise placement of the tumescent fluid prior to fat removal … combined with precision arm sculpting allows enhanced symmetry for optimal results.

Attention to detail is also important after surgery.  Carefully monitoring postop healing and adjusting compression vests over time ensures maximal skin shrinkage.

Patients are often amazed by their results and eager to wear short sleeves and smaller, fitted jackets again.  It’s surprising how few patients even realize that liposuction of the arms is an option …  particularly since it can make such a big difference.