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Xeomin is a wrinkle relaxer injectable treatment offered by Dallas, TX plastic surgeon, Dr. Steven J. White. Commonly used on the forehead and to treat Crow’s feat, this nonsurgical wrinkle treatment creates smooth results on the skin, significantly diminishing moderate to severe wrinkles.  It is common for Dr. White to combine Xeomin with BOTOX, or a filler product, to result in the most optimal outcome for his patients. While BOTOX is a great wrinkle treatment, one of the benefits of Xeomin is that it does not have additives, so there is less risk of patients developing an allergy or becoming resistant to the product. The result after an Xeomin injection is a softer glow on the face.

Best Candidates

Xeomin is a wrinkle relaxer product that is used on patients with mild to moderate wrinkles. It produces great results, but may not be effective on patients with deeper, more severe wrinkles and folds. Patients who desire a nonsurgical wrinkle softener, but are not yet ready for a surgical procedure, may be great candidates for this treatment.

What to Expect

Xeomin is performed in our plastic surgery office during an appointment that usually takes under 30 minutes. Prior to treatment, we will mark the injection areas with ink so that the medication can be injected precisely in the right areas that need improvement. There is no pain during the injection, but numbing creams may be applied to ease any discomfort caused by the injection prick. Mild swelling and redness may appear on the injection area, which usually subsides after a few hours. After treatment, there is no downtime, and most patients may resume normal activities. It takes several days for the results to appear.

Expected Cost

Some patients will only require a single syringe of medication to attain the desired results, whereas others may need between 1-3 full syringes. Xeomin is a treatment that is repeated as needed. Therefore, should the patient return for future treatments, the same cost would apply.

Get A Liquid Facelift Today!

If you are ready to achieve a glowing complexion that looks and feels a decade younger, Xeomin may be a great treatment for you. In fact, a growing trend is the “liquid facelift” in which both muscle relaxers, such as Xeomin, are combined with derma fillers for an outstanding rejuvenating result. Most patients who prefer this method believe the temporary and safe results outweigh the risks of a surgical procedure. Call our plastic surgery office today to learn more and to schedule your consultation.

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10-20 Minutes
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