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Double board-certified Dallas, TX plastic surgeon, Dr. Steven J. White MD, is dedicated to providing patients with an unforgettable plastic surgery experience. Consistently listed as a “Top Doc” and touted among the best plastic surgeons in the Dallas area, Dr. White believes there are no shortcuts to experience, training and knowledge. His patients, who travel far and wide to have plastic surgery under his hands, agree. We are happy to share their experiences and patient stories with you here so that you can gain additional insight and get to know Dr. White a little better. We hope you find these patient testimonials helpful as you make this very important decision.

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Review from Anonymous  |  Source: RateMDs  |  Jan 15, 2021

I am a college professor, mother of four, cancer survivor, boxing coach and yoga instructor, and I had an abdominoplasty with Dr. White on November 30, 2020. Like many other reviewers have mentioned, I researched this procedure and local plastic surgeons for years. Dr. White’s education, board certifications, and stellar patient reviews led me to schedule a consultation. I walked into the consultation knowing that Dr. White was potentially the most expensive surgeon I had consulted. What I learned that day eventually led me to schedule my abdominoplasty with Dr. White. He uses a method of what he has termed “precision surgery.” After surgery I have taken zero narcotics (only Tylenol), I have zero bruising, and I am back in the gym at 6 weeks post-op. I am thrilled with my results. My incision is a tiny thin line, and my belly is more than flat, it curves in at the sides under my ribs giving me a beautiful, curvy, and contoured waistline. Don't compromise, chose Dr. White! More

Review from Anonymous  |  Source: RateMDs  |  Mar 17, 2019

I was extremely nervous to have any procedure done. I had heard about Dr. White through a friend of a friend who was ecstatic about her results. I had my procedure done about a year ago and now I have another one coming up in about 2 weeks. This time around I am completely at ease because I know how wonderfully and methodically I was taken care of the first time. Also, as a pharmacist I am very skeptical of pain management and Dr. White did not disappoint in this area as well. I was only on narcotics for 1 day and even after that I was never in any pain. My scars have healed beautifully and I would definitely recommend Dr. White for any procedure! More

Review from Anonymous  |  Source: RateMDs  |  Oct 01, 2018

The Best Plastic SurgeonDr. White is a brilliant, caring & compassionate plastic surgeon, who is extremely passionate about his work & believes in precision surgery to get the best results for his patients. I consulted Dr. White for a tummy tuck after losing some 70lbs. I had been overweight most of my adult life and even though I had lost all this weight, I was nowhere close to having the figure I wanted. I was apprehensive about getting such a complicated surgery & had doubts about the results, but Dr. White allayed all my concerns during the initial consultation. He explained the procedure in detail, showed me the numerous before and after pictures of his patients and took the time to answer all my questions. I signed up that very same day & it is the best decision I have ever made. The entire process was smooth & well planned. Every little detail had been thought through – the pre and post op instructions were discussed with me, I was required to watch videos so I would know what to expect and how to take care of myself post surgery. Dr. White took 8+ hrs to perform the operation and even removed a hernia I had. The result was perfection! I had a tiny waist, the cutest belly button & a very low scar. I had not even imagined that such an extraordinary outcome was possible. There was no bruising & hardly any pain. I could not recognize my own body in the mirror.After my excellent experience with the tummy tuck, I went for the breast lift. Mine was a difficult case, given my large breast size (36DD) & age, but Dr. White pulled off another amazing feat. My breast lift look like breast implants. As with the tummy tuck, there was no bruising & no pain. Even Dr. White was thrilled with the unbelievable results. I don’t know if there is any other doctor who works so tirelessly to deliver such exceptional results for his patients, to give them a body they desire, to give them the best possible scar, all while ensuring that they have minimum pain & discomfort.Dr. White has transformed my body & given me my confidence back. He has given me an hourglass figure that I never even thought was possible. He is like Michelangelo, who was given a damaged piece of marble to carve David & he created a masterpiece. Thinking of Dr. White’s commitment to his patients, one of Michelangelo’s quotes comes to mind, “ I saw the angel in the marble and I carved until I set him free.” That’s what Dr. White did for me. He worked meticulously to set the real “me” free. I am forever indebted to him. More

Review from Anonymous  |  Source: RateMDs  |  Jul 19, 2018

Dr. White and his staff we're amazing to work with. they made me feel comfortable during my entire procedure from the consultation, day of surgery to post op. I love the customer care and attention to detail they provide. Dr. White is a perfectionist and very thorough with explaining the procedure I was about to receive and what to expect. Needless to say I was amazed with my results I don't know why I didn't go to him any sooner. I got a gynecomastia lipo procedure and so happy about my experience and results that I will be returning to him for a second procedure in October. My fiancé was with me through the entire process and loved Dr. White so much she decided to choose him for her breast augmentation surgery and is in love with her results. I would highly recommend Dr. White and his staff to anyone searching for a excellent plastic surgeon. More

Review from Anonymous  |  Source: RateMDs  |  May 04, 2018

A year ago, my husband and I decided to start looking into Abdominalplasty surgery after talking about it for a few years. I had two girls via c-section and was left with a lot of extra skin. I’ve never had surgery where I was put under with anesthesia and I was super nervous. We interviewed a few doctors and I always walked out still feeling uneasy about going through with the procedure. When I met Dr White, I instantly knew this was my doctor! Dr White not only got me super excited about my results with the sculpting techniques he does but he put my worries at ease. I went into surgery stress free which made a world of difference for me and my family. The whole experience was better than I expected. No bruising, very little to no pain meds, hardly any pain and my results, are amazing! Better than I ever expected. Within 9 months post op I was down 17 lbs and down two sizes! I LOVE my tummy! I can workout now and see results when before I couldn’t. Another concern of mine was what my belly button would look like. I’m not gonna lie, that part was a little strange. But the final result was perfect! Dr White and his team were amazing! Always there for me and any questions or concerns I had. I would highly recommend him! He truly is a miracle worker! More

Review from Anonymous  |  Source: RateMDs  |  Dec 04, 2017

This man and his staff are the best in the world. I have never had a better experience, and am so thankful I went to him. At 64, was very reluctant to have gynecomastia surgery. Dr. White was fantastic. He told me what to expect he and his staff delivered. The whole process and well worth the result....only wish I had done it years ago. Dr. White, Jazmin, and Penny are THE BEST. More

Review from Anonymous  |  Source: RateMDs  |  Aug 11, 2017

I was skeptical about getting a tummy tuck because I really didn't think my stomach could ever be made to look attractive. Dr. White set me at ease right away with his fantastic bedside manner and obvious super-knowledge. He let me know I was a great candidate and then he did the impossible (in my mind): he gave me a beautiful, sculpted tummy with super cute belly button! Getting plastic surgery has changed my life. I've always been self conscious about my tummy and now I want to show it off. Dr. White is the consummate professional and his entire team is phenomenal! They've been so great to walk through this journey with me. I can't imagine a more positive experience. I highly recommend Dr. White to anyone considering plastic surgery. He is a REAL DOCTOR that truly cares about each of his patients. He explains each step of the process in a way that is easy to understand and explains all the reasoning behind it. I think the best benefit from my surgery is the added self confidence I have. Not just because my stomach looks better, but because Dr White has helped me in the way I see myself. I strongly recommend Dr. White for ANYONE considering plastic surgery. Take a look at the before/after photos on his web site and see for yourself the caliber of his handiwork. He is amazing! More

Review from Anonymous  |  Source: RateMDs  |  Jun 08, 2016

I have been a RN for 24 years and I am very particular about who I choose to operate on me. Once I had decided to have my abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), I drew up my own question sheet and researched multiple cosmetic surgeons. I was flying home and while perusing the American Way magazine, I saw Dr. White?s information as the best plastic surgeon?, so I had to call to find out more information. My first phone call lasted approximately 10-20 minutes with Penny and she pretty much explained the entire procedure. She answered questions that I had and provided information that I had not even thought about. She also explained Dr. White?s philosophies regarding the procedure, pre- op care, and post- op care. When I got off the phone, I was 98% sure that I was going with Dr. White. I scheduled my consultation within the same week. My consult with Dr White was very informative and long (approx 2 hours). Upon leaving my consult, I was 100% sure that I had found my cosmetic surgeon. I had 2 previous liposuction procedures that I was not content with and I wanted a better look to my abdomen. I knew that I wanted to have my tummy tuck, so my biggest obstacle was making sure that I was choosing the right person for the best outcome. Dr. White showed me multiple pictures of his work and they all looked great. I loved his philosophy of thinking of all things that could go wrong and doing the things necessary to prevent them. Dr White performed my tummy tuck approx 4 months ago and I am feeling fabulous. I was inpatient for a couple of nights and my care was great. Through the whole post op process, I experience minimal pain. I had on pain pill through the whole process and I had no complications because Dr. White had a pre-op and post-op routine in place and it works. My results are awesome. I love the flat tummy! I can now wear clothes that accent my waist and not worry about the rolls around my middle. I had such a great experience with Dr. White, that I consider him to be my personal plastic surgeon. I plan on going back for another step to my mommy makeover and I would not consider anyone else. I highly recommend Dr. White for any cosmetic procedures. Dr. White and the ladies in his office are AWESOME!!! They are very knowledgeable and very helpful. I would not go to anyone else for my cosmetic procedures. More

Review from Anonymous  |  Source: RateMDs  |  May 29, 2016

I am a 59 year old woman, Dr White performed an extended tummy tuck/tummy sculpt for me and the results are beyond amazing! Years of stretch marks from pregnancies and vertical c-section scars are all gone! He is the ultimate professional. He used a Dr of Anesthesia in a hospital setting, both of which were very reassuring for me and my husband. He PERSONALLY assisted me getting out of the hospital bed 3 times a day for 2 days following surgery and walked me down the hall. No bruising after surgery and I only required Tylenol for pain management. Follow up care has been exceptional. Look no further than Dr. Steven J. White. More

Review from Anonymous  |  Source: RateMDs  |  May 23, 2016

Dr. Steven White is by far one of the most amazing doctors I have ever had. He was meticulous beyond measure in performing my procedure. I sought Dr White expertise because I had received a botched tummy tuck about 5 years ago from a surgeon in Louisiana. At that time I was attempting to hide a vertical scar from a surgery performed to correct a colon blockage. Unfortunately that surgery left me worse than I was before. I was left with a high uneven scar just under what was supposed to be my belly button. I looked hideous but I just assumed that the doctor did the best that could be done and accepted the fact that I would never wear a two piece again. Dr White changed my life forever. After the first consultation I knew anyone who provides that much information and attention to detail in educating you about your procedure was a "Man among boys" in the world of cosmetic and reconstructive surgeons. He and his staff were warm and receptive to me and made me feel very comfortable about my decision to move forward with my procedure and what I was to expect every step of the way. I have never experienced such professionalism and thoroughness for a surgeon before. My stomach presented many difficult challenges due to scar tissue and a lack of a actual belly button. I was in surgery about 8 hours. Dr White provides precision surgery so that one receives the best possible outcomes with the least amount of complications. Dr. White is extremely conservative when it comes to narcotics which was difficult but his method works if you follow it. My results are unbelievable, I look and feel amazing! Six weeks post op, I am 15 lbs lighter and look better in a bikini than I did before I had my three children all thanks to Dr. White's impeccable skill and attention to detail. I thank God that I didn't try to find someone that was was a little more cost effective for budget. He was worth every cent! I spent countless hours doing my research on surgeons and I can honestly say that it paid off. Dr. White and his staff exceeded my expectations far beyond anything I could have ever imagined! More

Review from Anonymous  |  Source: RateMDs  |  Apr 26, 2016

I had liposuction 4 weeks ago and the results are amazing. He is the best of the best and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a professional, caring, meticulous surgeon that will blow you away with his results. More

Review from Anonymous  |  Source: RateMDs  |  Mar 03, 2016

My name is Tami and I am 49 years old. I had a sculpted Tummy Tuck by Dr. White. I had previously had liposuction of the abdominal area. They did extreme liposuction of the lower abdominal area which left pockets and ripples and did not do any or much liposuction of the upper area and I had a little flap which hung over even in a standing position. I was unhappy for many years and was very nervous to try and fit it. I had my first consultation with Dr. White and knew I could trust him to fix my abdominal area with his sculpting Tummy Tuck. Dr White is very meticulous in your preparation for surgery, immediately after surgery and during your recovery time to achieve your best results. I am 2 months post surgery and I am so excited with the results and how I look. My cloths fit so much better and the hour glass shape I now have I am in love with. I would highly recommend Dr. White , he not only is the best Plastic Surgeon, he truly cares about his patients and takes time to talk with you and make you feel comfortable in the decisions you are making. The staff at Dr. Whites office are amazing too, they are very knowledgeable and were always helpful in asking questions before and after my surgery and during my appointments in the office. More

Review from Anonymous  |  Source: RateMDs  |  Feb 29, 2016

My name is Sandra, I am 58 years old and on January 5, 2016 I had an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) procedure done by Dr. White. Dr. White did an outstanding job and his staff consisting of Jasmine, Kimberly, Sara, Beverly, Penny and Sita were extraordinary. His staff is courteous, conscientious and extremely professional. They were always there to assist me and answer any questions I had. Dr. White is fortunate to have such a professional and competent staff. Dr. White is a perfectionist. He is meticulous to a fault and his primary concern is always the care of his patient. Obviously, those are the traits and characteristics that you want your plastic surgeon to possess. The entire process, from pre op to surgery to post op, was handled with the utmost care and professionalism. His attention to detail is what makes him such a unique surgeon. The procedure is explained in great detail every step of the way and it is amazing when you see it unfold right before your eyes. The most important part is the final outcome and in Dr. White case the results are extraordinary. As of February 15, 2016, I have gone from a size 18 to a size 10 and have lost 30 pounds. My husband and many friends have complimented me on the amazing work done by Dr. White. Dr. White has mastered the art of plastic surgery and certainly has to be one of the best, if not the best, plastic surgeons in the USA. I highly recommend Dr. White to anyone who is considering a plastic surgery procedure. I am certain that you will be totally amazed with the results. Sandra More

Review from Anonymous  |  Source: RateMDs  |  Jan 07, 2016

I could not be more pleased with Dr. White's work! I would recommend him to absolutely anyone. After my pregnancies, my belly was never going to return to it's pre-pregnancy shape. After my abdominoplasty with Dr. White, not only do I have a flat stomach and an amazing, sculpted waistline, but my abdomen looks so much better than it ever has in my entire life! I never thought looking like this would be possible for me, and I'm so grateful to Dr. White for his careful and detailed work. While I know he has many other patients, every time I see him he makes me feel like I am his only patient. He is so caring and dedicated to his work and he truly wants to get the best results possible for his patients. His attention to detail is unbelievable. The first step he takes is to understand your personal body type, where the asymmetries are, and how he will perform the procedure with absolute precision. From that moment on, he's with you every step of the way to make sure you're progressing nicely and that there are no problems. His staff is amazing as well. They are professional, well trained, and easy to reach and talk with. I am so, so happy. He's simply the best! Thank you, Dr. White! Happy Mommy! More

Review from Anonymous  |  Source: RateMDs  |  Oct 26, 2015

After 5 years of looking at my "kangaroo pouch" which neither diet or excercise would cure, I decided to go to Dr. White after seeing him in Dallas's Top Doctors Magazine. He did an awesome job and make waist looks nicely sculpted. I would certainly recommend him to family and friends! More

Review from Anonymous  |  Source: RateMDs  |  Oct 06, 2015

Best in Dallas! Dr. White did my tummy tuck June 2015 and I'm very satisfied. His staff is professional and very friendly. I recommend him every chance I get. The time he takes to prepare you for surgery in unlike any other surgeon. You'll feel at ease going into any procedure with him. More

Review from Anonymous  |  Source: RateMDs  |  Sep 24, 2015

Awesome PS, meticulous with his incisions. I had a tummy tuck and am 100% satisfied. Works hard to prevent any complications. Worth the cost, very happy with my results. More

Review from Anonymous  |  Source: RateMDs  |  May 26, 2015

When I decided to start my own company, I thought about what I needed to do to be the public figure representing it. Addressing my body that had changed significantly after 2 kids, was one of the main things on the list. Out of everything I've done to "re brand" myself -nothing has had such an immediate impact on my self worth and confidence as the tummy tuck Dr White performed. I carefully considered the obstacles - the cost, the recuperation time, the risks involved. After speaking with Dr White I was less concerned about the risks and I felt the cost was fair for the care and outcome Dr White achieves. The recovery was hard- more difficult than after a C-section. For me it took 2 full weeks to feel like I could resume work for a few hours a day but everyone recovers at different speeds. Having said that, I would do it again. The results are life changing. I still can't believe that this is my new body. I chose Dr White because of his advanced techniques and his passion for achieving the absolute best results for each patient. I have to say- he exceeded my high expectations. My stomach, that use to resemble a big semi deflated balloon, is now flat and sculpted. I've lost 12 lbs since the surgery, in addition to the 12 I lost pre-opp to get my BMI to a range acceptable to dr white. I'm down 3 dress sizes. Dr White has been incredible through out- he showed up at my bedside to check in on me at 10 pm while in the hospital, returning at 6 am the following morning. He's incredibly dedicated to his patients and the outcome of his work. I also appreciate that he keeps evolving his techniques to stay ahead of the curve. This is not a surgery that's easy to go through but it's a huge investment in yourself. Well worth the time, pain and the cost. More

Review from Anonymous  |  Source: RateMDs  |  Feb 08, 2015

Don?t waste your time. You know what you need to do. Fatty breasts on a man won?t generally resolve without surgical help. Take it from me. I tried. I tried drugs, natural remedies, fat loss creams, weight loss overall, and even Cool Sculpting. None of those will work well on gynecomastia especially if it is longstanding. However, there is good news. I know you are dreading the thought of surgery probably but Dr. Steven White is Michelangelo with a liposuction cannula and scalpel. He knows how to resolve this problem amazingly well with virtually invisible (yes, almost imperceptible) scarring and no loss of sensation in the nipple or elsewhere. I had almost no bruising and healing/down time was very easy/minimal. The foregoing items were my biggest obstacles to getting the surgery done. The result from his proprietary liposuction technique is phenomenal. It is one of the best things I have done for my self-image. I would have gotten this surgery done years ago in my 20s when the issue first started bothering me. But then, Dr. White would not have had his technique perfected as he does today. I have never met a more passionate and perfectionistic doctor. I am so delighted that I found Dr. White and his wonderful team. I searched the Web and visited three other doctors in Denver and Houston who were supposed to be the best in the field. They are not. Dr. White and his team are the best I found. They guided me so well through the whole process from start to finish. The data provided were more than enough to make an informed decision. The team is very thorough (i.e. safe) and realistic. They have changed my life and I owe them a debt of gratitude. P.S. Please ask Dr. White to show you my before and after pictures. I am the tall one. More

Review from Anonymous  |  Source: RateMDs  |  Oct 25, 2014

I am 55 and have wanted a tummy tuck for years. I had scheduled an appointment with a plastic surgeon years before but just couldn't make the decision to follow thru. I was very concerned about possible complications from surgery and being under anesthesia for a long period of time. A friend of mine recently used Dr. White and loved him. She couldn't say enough about how thrilled she was with Dr. White and his office staff. She calmed my fears and I knew it was now or never so I decided to schedule an appointment for a consultation. Dr. White and his staff answer all your questions and more. I knew after meeting with him I would be in good hands. Dr. White has a proven process that minimizes the discomfort during recovery and virtually assures a good outcome. He is especially strong on follow up after surgery. Both in the hospital and afterwards. I don't believe you will find many doctors that will come to the hospital at 11:00 pm to be the first one to get you out of bed after surgery and walk with you up and down the halls like Dr. White. He truly cares about his patients. I am 11 weeks post op and extremely pleased with my results. If you are considering plastic surgery of any kind give Dr. W a visit and you will leave knowing you have found your doctor. More

Review from Anonymous  |  Source: RateMDs  |  Oct 23, 2014

For years, I've been considering surgery for gynecomastia (male breast reduction), never feeling comfortable when wearing tight shirts or for that matter...wearing no shirt. I went to several cosmetic surgeons for consultations, and eventually was referred to Dr. Steven White by a close friend and medical doctor. He told me that Dr. White would be his personal choice and I could expect nothing short of perfection?. I am now two months after the procedure and have indeed had an outstanding experience with Dr. White as well as his staff throughout this journey. The results are truly magical. Dr. White's approach was very different than all the other surgeons I consulted with. He uses a liposuction cannula (the "straw" that is used for liposuction) that is half the diameter of that commonly used by the rest of the profession. He also targets not only the breast area, but also the upper torso down to just above the navel. This procedure takes a bit longer...I was "asleep" for nearly 5 hours, though it seemed like a minute to me. However, the narrow cannula allowed for more precise suction, speeded up my recovery time, made the incision around the nipple area invisible and healed nicely to provide a very natural result, given the shrinking of the larger surface area treated. Dr. White was also very patient and compassionate, answering any questions I had and providing great support, together with his top-notch staff at the office and at the Texas Institute for Surgery. I?ll add More

Review from Anonymous  |  Source: RateMDs  |  Oct 13, 2014

I'd been considering a tummy tuck for years. As the years passed, I started thinking I was too old to worry with it anymore. At 45, I made the decision to have my bikini body back and I'm thrilled. I have a flat contoured tummy and the cutest belly button that looks better than it ever did! I was leery of the surgery because of the long recovery and of course the drains. The recovery is long but goes much faster and easier when Dr. Whites directions are followed. The drains are absolutely NO BIG DEAL! I feel silly having worried so much about them. I'm very glad I had the tummy tuck and wish I'd done it sooner. More

Review from Anonymous  |  Source: RateMDs  |  Oct 09, 2013

Dr White put together a "Dream" team of doctors to perform both hysterectomy and tummy tuck at same time. Dual procedures require the best to minimize risk and complications. The attention to the details shown by Dr. White is second to none I have seen. This included personally came to walk me twice a day and on weekend; performing comprehensive blood baseline tests (to compare pre vs post operative results); use of anticoagulants to prevent blood clots; use of personal techniques to prevent dog ears and healing issues; and detailed videos which explain ever aspect of entire procedure and recovery. After only 6 weeks, my scar is about the width of a side of paper and my sides are beginning to have that sculptured look. Even my a valley is beginning to form on my abdomen like a six pack without any exercise on my part. Dr White is a true master surgeon who not only creates a natural and sculptured look but minimizes the risks of surgery. More

Review from Anonymous  |  Source: RateMDs  |  Jun 01, 2012

Excellent results! This is the second time Dr. White has worked with me. The first time was abdominoplasty six years ago (I was greatly obese as a young adult) and the results were remarkable. This time I had liposuction, to rid myself of love-handles and back fat. I work-out six days a week and no matter how thin I got or how hard I pushed myself, these problem areas would not get better. The work done by Dr. White didn't truly alter my weight, but, it made my clothes fit a lot better and greatly improved my appearance. I recommend Dr. White without hesitation, and, I recommend elective surgery like mine for those who want to look and feel better! More

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